Why You must Welcome Adversity

How many of you complain when you are getting success and positive outcomes in life? And what happens when you are faced with a situation that you consider “difficult” or “unpleasant”?

following story will explain my point. One day, a construction manager standing on the 6th floor of a building wanted to speak to a worker who was busy on a ground floor. The manager leaned forward on the railing and called out to the worker. Since the building site was noisy, the worker on the ground floor did not hear his manager calling.

So to draw the worker’s attention, the manager dropped a 10 rupee note from his pocket. It fluttered down in the breeze and fell in front of the place the worker was busy working. What did the worker do? He spotted the 10 rupee note, picked it up, put it in his pocket and continued his work. To draw the worker’s attention again, his manager now threw a 500 rupee note. The worker did the same thing this time, picking up the 500 rupee note, putting it in his pocket and resuming his duties.

Now the manager really wanted the worker’s attention and he picked up a small stone and aimed it at the worker and tossed it. The stone hit the worker precisely on his head. This time the worker did look up and the manager was able to communicate with him.

What problems really mean

The story is same as in your life. Until the time you keep receiving gifts and blessings, you do not notice the Giver, nor do you attempt to change anything in your life.

The Lord wants to communicate with you, but you are too busy with your worldly roles. When the Lord sends you small gifts, hoping you will notice Him. But what do you do? You just keep the gift, not noticing where it came from and who the provider was, leave alone thanking Him. If you are feeling very grateful, some of you may say you have been Lucky!

Then, when the Lord hits you with a small stone, which you call a ‘problem’, then you look up and take notice, and attempt to communicate with Him.

Adversity comes with a Purpose

Know that no transformation or creation can happen without pain. Therefore every challenge that comes to you represents the next stage of your growth and unfoldment. Remember, if Life didn’t throw problems at you, you would never change yourself or your circumstances.

When you are faced with obstacles, it is the time to look up, analyse the situation and bring about a transformation in the way you do things. Adversity is the cause of all change; it is given to you so that you don’t remain in a rut all your life.

So when your life is hit by adversity, instead of blaming your problems on planets or bad luck, you must welcome the situation you are facing and accept it. In doing so, not only do you take the first steps in solving the issue, but you honour Life and contribute to your growth as a human being of Divine potential.

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