How do I fight these Jealousy feelings within me?

You feel jealous of people when you find them achieving what you had desired for yourself. You end up being resentful towards them, sometimes openly and sometimes secretly. And you bitterly wonder why these people deserved the achievements, possessions and perceived advantages.

You also feel jealous when you are suspicious that your partner or a loved one is attracted to someone else. These feelings of jealousy blind you with resentment, bitterness, anger, fear, mistrust and make you overpossessive.

Jealousy stems from a fear that you are not good enough or deserving enough and an even more debilitating fear that you would never get what you want in life.

Feelings of jealousy can be dealt with and handled by remembering the maxim: “Satyamave Jayate”-Truth alone Wins.

You have to believe and trust that what truly belongs to you, will always come to you. One needs to see the world as full of abundance and opportunities. There is enough for everybody. You have to meet certain qualifications to achieve anything in life, be it a promotion in career or a material possession. Disempowering emotions created by feelings of jealousy blind you to the steps and action you need to take to become qualified enough to turns situations in your favour.

Know that life will always follow Dharma. If something rightfully is for you, be it a material possession or a title or a loved one, it will come to you as soon as you are ready with the right qualification.

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