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Fear is a powerful energy, which if not handled in the right manner, can be more destructive to your life than anything else. And no one can take charge of your fear. It is something you must do yourself.

These are words of Shreya Nath, who faced the scary prospect of surgery after being diagnosed with a bulky uterus and menorrhagia. The Nagpur-based 43 year-old entrepreneur and mother-of-two faced her worst fears in 2009 when the doctors put her on Hormonal Replacement Therapy and the threat of cancer looming on the horizon became real.

Trauma of Surgery

The medical community stressed on the only viable alternative – a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) to prevent further growth or spread of the disease.

“I checked in my family and realised how many women had undergone this surgery because of menstrual disorders,” she says. “When you cut an organ, you are treating only a symptom, not the source of the problem. The disease spreads even as your body tries to cope with the sudden loss of an important organ.”

One of Shreya’s female relatives had undergone a hysterectomy that left her traumatised. She felt the surgery had removed something vital within her, “I don’t feel like a woman anymore.”

Change in Belief System

Once a person is diagnosed with a possibly terminal illness, the only way she can survive is by changing her life as well as her belief system. Shreya decided against surgery and embarked on a holistic treatment comprising Ayurveda, homeopathy, a targeted diet and meditation. She took natural progesterone supplements from vegetables and decided to starve her body of oestrogen-rich foods. She also started doing pranayama and Surya Namaskar to help balance her endocrine glands. She emerged from her ordeal 36 months later with a normal sized uterus, healthy and wiser from the experience.

“Educate yourself. Don’t just rely on what the doctors tell you,” she says.

Navkarma, Shreya Nath’s timely book on holistic healing describes her battle against the disease while trying to keep off medicines and surgery, against the will of the established medical community.

Balanced Living

Navkarma is about achieving the nine types of balance in these fast paced times. These are mental, nutritional, water, health, body, spiritual, social, emotional and holistic balance.

Shreya is now on a mission to share her story with other women, who, faced with similar circumstances, get sucked into a vortex of confusion and fear. While Shreya isn’t sure which of the nine therapies worked more in her case, she wants readers to decide what would work best for them, given their unique circumstance. After all, in holistic practices, you have nothing to lose because you are strengthening your immune system by whatever means possible. However, it’s your mental attitude and divine intervention that lead any healing process to its completion.

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