Have you thought that there might be energy centers inside you that are blocking the peace and happiness in your relationships and blocking financial growth? These energy centers even affect your personality development, health and other areas of your life too

Someone who does not understand the Laws of Life and, or does not how follow the Laws of Life is not living a life of his dreams.

The Laws of Life are found in the 7 energy centers inside your body, which are meant to work in harmony to create the best version of you and a life of your dreams.

Life runs through laws and is an intention that is designed to realise the grandeur of life through different role plays. These laws expect you to live life in a prescribed way in order to maintain order and harmony in the worldly life. These laws are applicable for each and everyone. In fact, Laws govern everything in the Universe. Until and unless you don’t align to the laws that are meant for maintaining order and harmony, you will not find complete happiness, peace and success in anything. The Laws of Life are already embedded in the 7 major Chakras that are inside your body. These Chakras are the energy centers; like the meters running in the body OR these Chakras are the wheels spinning in seven different places along the spine OR another way to understand this; these Chakras are the like an engine that drives your vehicle (your life). Essentially, your entire life; right from having Stability in life to establishing your Identity to earning Income & Wealth to having good health to having great Relationships to achieving Manifestation power to holding an effective Communication to Gaining Wisdom and Judgment, and to even receiving uninterrupted Divine Grace, all of this is governed according to its laws. The laws of life teach us, guide us to the valuable lessons that not just maintain order and harmony in the world but also help us grow to become better and successful human beings. These laws are understood by clearing away the negative energy that blocks you from reaching them.

So to achieve stability – Release instability and insecurity

To have self esteem – Release self doubt

To realise power – Extricate yourself from dependency on others

To Love – Rise above pain and suffering

To communicate – Release comparison and personal definitions

To Judge – Release non acceptance that comes with ego

To have abundance – Release limitations and control

The lessons of life are learned with surrender. Surrendering should not be taken as being submissive, but, surrendering essentially means to live life by understanding that every situation, every circumstance, every obstacle, every difficulty, every bad relationship, every challenge has a purpose to serve your transformation to becoming a better human being or to evolve you to your higher self. Once you have understood this fundamental truth, learning the lessons every law / every Chakra has is going to be easy and give you ultimate happiness, peace and success. So, surrender to the learning the lessons that Laws of Life teach you. Be like the waves that surrender to the ocean to realise they are the ocean in a form.

So begin your journey to refer to the Knowledge of Chakras (which is rooted in Vedic wisdom) and learn to look inward through Meditation and other techniques.

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