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Rudraksh Ratna Science Therapy

Get Personalized Certified Rudraksha & Gemstone Recommendation from Sakhashree Neeta based on Chakra Therapy & Horoscope Analysis. Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy is the world fastest healing therapy to balance chakras & horoscope where positive results are experienced within 10 days of wearing the suggested combination.

Chakra Balancing Consultation

Experience Healing & Empowerment in Health, Career & Relationships with detailed Chakra Analysis & Powerful Remedies to balance Chakras. Receive detailed Chakra Analysis Report with remedies which include Rudraksha & Gemstone combinations, Yantras, Mantras & Meditation techniques to heal & empower imbalanced Chakras.

Chakra Cleansing Meditation

Guided Meditation technique based on Neti Neti Principle of Advait Vedanta to balance Chakras. Release Guilt, Trauma, Obsessive thoughts, Limiting Beliefs, Negative Self Image & Develop a Positive & Abundance Mindset. Experience Healing & Empowerment in all areas of life.

Puja Services Consultation

Learn about your Astrological Doshas & Planetary Imbalances in Horoscope and Avail Personalized Puja Recommendation to resolve all astrological issues in your chart. Experience the Divine Power of Puja, Havan & Mantra Chanting Performed as per Vedic Vidhi by Karmakandi Pandits

Chakra Vastu Consultation

Balance the Elements, Colours, Directions, Cuts & Corners and rectify all Vastu Doshas (Imbalances) of your Dwelling. Vastu Purush (Man) is the personification of the dwelling and balancing the Chakras of the Vastu Purush (Man) is important to experience harmony with your surroundings. Receive Detailed Chakra Vastu Report with Remedies.

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