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Baladevan Balakrishnan

Pilot, Malaysia

I can fly again, my spinal cord injury got healed miraculously. It is divine blessings that connected me to these beads.

Dr. Nagendra Reddy

Physician, USA

As a physician, I would also recommend rudraksha as an alternate therapy for a particular disease. My experience with RRST has been incredible for healing stress, anxiety and body pains.

Mirelle Corten

Artist, Belgium

It is amazing how powerful they work! Already a few days after wearing the bracelet and the mala, I could stop taking painkillers for the arthrosis and sclerosis in my knees! Pain was not explicit anymore…and I could walk much easier. Now, a few weeks later, I don’t have the pain at all!!! This is remarkable!


Consultant, Netherlands

My mind is very clear, I am more aware, I have a lot of energy and I feel very balanced. I understand more , I learn quickly, I feel more attractive, I make others feel good doing so, good things come to me, I am full of ideas and inspiration, I am able to take time and be patient , anger seems a fairy tale now…..must go on?

Ganesh Prasad

Chakra Healer, USA

Chakra balancing is so easy with these beads!! They seem to open up the blocks in just 4 days and you feel so much at peace. I feel so relieved of the bone pains I have been having all these years. I believe the age of instant healing has come back with this therapy.

Pritesh Meisheri

Interior designer, India

I wear my bracelets every day. They help me remain focussed in trying times. I feel creative and energetic all the time.

Kumar Devendra

Data analyst, India

Rudraksha beads have helped me recover from severe migraines. Your recommendations have helped me discover Joy and Purpose in life.


Ballet dancet, Russia

I have been wearing my beads, something happened to me that hasn’t happened to me in years. I started my menses and I had no pain, indigestion, headaches and moodiness. I feel so light in my body. I feel flow of energy and clear thoughts. Thank you for your recommendations.

Kinjal Patel

IT consultant, USA

You had recommended for me to wear Kalapvriksha combination and Supreme Kavacham. It took about 3 months for these beads to tune into my chakras, and they are making a profound difference in my thought process and daily life. Many people just won’t believe these if I were to tell them.

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