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Experience the Divine Vastu Science which balances the Chakras of the Vastu Purush, 5 Elements, Colors, 8 Directions, Cuts, Extensions of your dwelling so you live in harmony with your surroundings and achieve success in your career, health & relationships

100% satisfaction | Money Back Guarantee

What will be required from my side?

We will require:
  • Concerns Related to Health, Career & Relationships of the individuals residing in the dwelling
  • Floor plan of the dwelling
  • Images of Every Room
  • Video Call Session so the consultant can analyze the colors, cuts & extensions in detail
  • North degrees
  • Google Map location

What is Chakra Vastu?

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science of construction and architecture compiled from various Puranas and Agamas. All construction done in ancient times, especially that of building a temple adhered to Vastu principles strictly. Vastu Shastra uses shapes (Mandalas), directions, principals and concepts so that any construction and nature can exist in harmony and in fact benefit from each other. Vastu Shastra also helps one derive maximum benefits out of various energies that reside in various directions. Vastu Shastra in accordance with Chakra Science is Chakra Vastu. Devised by Sakhashree Chakra Vastu is a science that maps the 7 Chakras (subtle energies in the human aura) with the Vastu Shastra (or the Vastu Purush). The rules and principles of Chakra Vastu in alignment with the constructions of houses or flats ensures harmony of the residents with various elemental energies leading to health, happiness, growth, and abundance in all aspects of their life.

100% satisfaction | Money Back Guarantee

About Sakhashree Neeta

Sakhashree Neeta is a globally renowned Chakra Healer, Rudraksha & Gemstones Expert. With over 2 decades of experience in counselling using Chakra Therapy she has helped people from all walks of life achieve success and empowerment. She has over 500 videos on YouTube about Chakras, Spirituality, Empowerment & Rudrakshas with over 5 million views. Over the years she has conducted extensive research on Chakras and ancient Hindu sciences of healing, Astrology, Vastu Shastra. She has associated the energy of as dwelling with the 7 Chakras of the Vastu Purush which resides in every dwelling and influences the energy levels of the people living in it. With this research she has devised Chakra Vastu which aims to balance all the various colors, directions, Chakras, cuts & extensions of the dwelling so that the individuals residing in it can experience a blissful & balanced life in all spheres

100% satisfaction | Money Back Guarantee

What is the Procedure of Chakra Vastu Consultation?

  • Once you book the consultation you will receive a confirmation email from our side
  • Our consultant will reach out to you for the details mentioned above
  • A video call session will be arranged to Map the colors, cuts & extension in detail
  • Once all the details are received, we will prepare the report mapping the Vastu Purush to your Floor Plan
  • The report will comprise of Elemental Balance, Color Balance, Energy Balance, Defects, Doshas
  • Along with this we will also prepare a report comprising of all the remedies to balance the energies of the house
  • Both Reports will be shared with you
  • A call session to explain the various issues in the dwelling and the how the remedies suggested will help will be organized

If you are not satisfied with the consultation, there is 100% money back guarantee no questions asked

100% satisfaction | Money Back Guarantee

Vaastu Tools & Remedies

Gemstone Trees
Gemstone Trees
Vastu Rectifiers
Vastu Rectifiers

100% satisfaction | Money Back Guarantee

Changes Experienced After the Consultation

  • You will experience peace & positivity in the dwelling
  • Harmonious interactions & relationship amongst the individuals residing in the dwelling
  • Success in different projects, Career Growth & Abundance
  • Removal of Different Obstacles in Personal & Professional life
  • Good Health & Spiritual Elevation of individuals residing in the dwelling

100% satisfaction | Money Back Guarantee



01. I do not have an exact floor plan of my house, can we still do this consultation?

Yes we can work with a rough diagrams of the house and also get on a video call to understand the design, colors of the house in detail

02. How to find out the north degrees of my house?

You can get the North Degrees of the house with the google map location

03. What if I am not satisfied with the consultation?

Till date we have a track record of 100% satisfaction. However in case you don’t feel satisfied with the consultation we have a no questions asked 100% money back guarantee.

04. When will I receive my report?

Once all the details are received from your side you will receive the report within 5 days

100% satisfaction | Money Back Guarantee

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