Is being a WOMAN a disadvantage over MAN in this demanding and fast-paced world?

Women Have Different Skills:

No matter what people say about gender parity, women are endowed with different skill sets and temperament than men. They are soft, emotional and trained to handle responsibilities of motherhood, household and family. It is heart wrenching for any mother to leave her baby at home and go to work. When such situations arise, the men do help out but they are not by nature conditioned to do housework, especially in Asian culture.

Women Are Natural Caretakers:

Care, on the other hand, is engrained in a woman. Being the primary care-giver, she is programmed to take care of the bodily needs of her family. For instance, if the child refuses to eat, it may not bother the father so much, but nearly every mother will be distressed. With all this attention to the home and family, she also has to balance work duties and career. Men can go to work with pride, can work late and have no problems travelling out of town. For a woman, all this is tricky in the initial years, until she learns to multi task. If a woman can emerge from this phase, she will be a better multi-tasker and will manage office and home better than men.

Women At Workplace:

Motherhood and family are the essential training grounds for women. She has to handle the extended family and becomes adept at meeting social obligations and commitments. In the long run, this enhances her awareness and she becomes a better performer in the workplace. For this reason, many companies prefer to hire women for positions needing stability, multi-tasking, endurance, persistence and perseverance. These qualities become engrained in women because of their training.

Being a Woman:

Scientists have found that men and women use their brains differently. This could be because men learn primarily through their experience in the outer world, whereas women learn more from the home and family network. Nature has bestowed different responsibilities and equal advantages to both genders. Women and men simply have different training grounds to develop their full potential.

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