Why is Shakti or Power of God shown as a woman?

To answer this question, first we should understand what is power. Is it just physical or is more than that? Well if it was just physical, then the men would have been one notch above women. I would define power as the ability to influence your environment and change it as per you. Every single person in this world is bestowed with this power.

Where does power come from?

Power comes from your innate abilities and talents that are latent within you. Power is experienced when you connect what you do with these talents.

Many people assume that power comes from “outside-in.” For them, power is granted to a person by someone else. It is a position, which comes with a title that gives them authority and control, and a belief that they have supremacy over others in some form.

Actually power comes from “inside-out.” It is the ability of each individual that is intrinsic within them and they cultivate it through different experiences.

How to realise power? Power lies in the manipura chakra that governs your stomach region . It comes when you learn to “digest” what you receive from the world and segregate what is useful from what needs to be discarded. It is the fire inside you that burns and converts your opinions to actions. It is the belief in yourself that helps you stand out from others in complete independence for what you truly believe in. Real power is realised in a person by their thoughts, choices and actions.

Is power beyond physical?

Yes power has more to do with your mind. It is your alignment with your dharma or truth that gives you the inner strength and grit of determination within that makes the world bow down to your will and command. Gandhiji would have not won freedom with his principal of Ahimsa if power was only physical.

Is power constructive or destructive?

True power is influence, and it comes by giving more support to others. As I often say, what you give to the world becomes your power over the world. Being powerful is more about giving support than getting support. If power was to be used for self service, it would be termed dominance laced with selfishness and arrogance and it would not last long without support from others.

True power is energy and it grows from inside as our insight and self-understanding grows. A person with this power does not influence the world around him or her without consideration of the bigger picture that begins inside. True power creates impact and it grows as we focus on our creativity and live our values.

True power Creates and is Nurturing and Caring. True power is like a mother. Hence Shakti, the power of Gods is shown to be a woman.

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