What can you do on Maha Shivratri

This is the day the offers immense possibilities for spiritual growth. Meditation and mantra chanting has to be the order of the day.

Mahashivratri 2023 falls on February 18th (Saturday)

Chaturdashi Tithi Begins: 08:02 PM on Feb 18, 2023
Chaturdashi Tithi Ends: 04:18 PM on Feb 19, 2023

Nishita Kaal Puja Time = 12:27 AM to 01:17 AM, Feb 19

First Prahar Puja Time (Night): 06:40 PM to 09:46 PM
Second Prahar Puja Time (Night): 09:46 PM to 12:52 AM, Feb 19
Third Prahar Puja Time (Night): 12:52 AM to 03:58 AM, Feb 19
Ratri Fourth Prahar Puja Time: 03:58 AM to 07:05 AM, Feb 19

On the day of Mahashivratri, after bath, meditate and chant “Om Namah Shivaye”. Do apply bhasma on forehead and wear Rudraksha. Do abhishek of Shivalinga and offer Belpatra. Read Shiva stories and hear stotra, stuti and hymns dedicated to Him. Do hear Rudram chanting atleast once.

In the Maha Shivaratri Mahapuja, 11 Vedic Brahmins with chant Rudri path (Rudram Namakam chamakam) once in each prahar, making it a Ekakash Rudram chanting which is very powerful. Since this is a 4 prahar puja starting from 06:40 PM to 07:05 AM the next day, a total of 4 Ekadash Rudram would be performed. Other than this pujas would be performed on the Navagrahas, the 64 yogins, various Gods and Goddesses. Also various rounds of Pranav and Mahamrityunjaya mantra chanting would be done along with melodious Shiva Tandav Strotra, Shivashtakam, Rudrashatakam, Shiva mahiman strotra and many more.

Do not miss participating in the most powerful puja for Shiva devotees!!

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