Thoughts for the New Year

Another year has gone by. It’s time to reflect on the past year to know what it has done to us and what we have become during this time. Know that life is all about evolution and every moment is complete. Growth is our nature. There have been highs and lows in your life which are given for you to learn certain lessons. It is like jumping on a trampoline – you may go down but you will rise higher every time, higher than before.

Every year brings different flavours – sometimes your family life takes precedence. Sometimes your career and sometimes your health or personal development assumes more importance.

Look back with Gratitude

This is the time to reminiscence and take stock of what you have accomplished during the past year. It is important that you do this. Because the nature of human beings is to veer toward discontentment. You are always thinking of what you don’t have, what you lack and what you haven’t reached yet. In the process, you neglect to look at the distance you have covered in the meantime.

When you look back at your achievements, you see the family, the career, the material assets and the environment around you – these are all your creation. Remember, you came into this world with nothing. So when you look back now at what you have achieved in this time, you should allow yourself to be filled with gratitude. And this makes you more humble.

Why things Happen?

If you have faced a loss this year, know that even that is complete. Purnam Adham Purnam Idham. On a deeper level, things happen when it’s time and when you are to learn something from the events. What is needed is your acceptance. Learn from what life is presenting you and growth from the experience.

Know that the universe never takes a step back. And similarly, life will never take you back. From every experience you will evolve and move ahead, never going backwards. Even if you go down, it will be temporary fall. You will rise higher than you had been before.

Look to the Light

Standing at the threshold of the New Year, this is the time when you must strengthen your resolve to be what you want to be. Be more committed to your Higher Selves. Be grateful to the Universe for another innings and make the best of this gift in the coming year. Have a very Happy and Blessed New Year.

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