Why do I become helpless and feel frustrated?

You feel helpless, when you are not able to ‘help’ a situation. And because you are not able to find a solution, you feel weak, dejected and frustrated.

The word ‘helpless” itself is an illusion, because in reality, every problem that you face has a purpose. Every life situation you face, seeks to evolve you and invoke your true traits. An adversity might teach you how to think creatively to find a solution and use your innate power or at other times, it might teach you how to accept or surrender or let go. Sometimes a challenge invokes the hidden warrior within and at other times, it enlightens you to your compassionate nature within.

When you understand the true goal of life, and walk on the path of self-realisation, you know that every situation, however hard it seems, is complete in itself in the moment. If you find yourself feeling and becoming helpless, remember it is your ego dragging you down, and incorrectly signalling vulnerability. Helplessness blocks the Vishudha chakra located in the throat region which is the seat of communication and wisdom. When you are able to connect to your inner Guru residing in this chakra, He guides you to find the hidden meaning of every obstacle you face in your life, and you become adaptable and flexible and learn from every situation.

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