Are we born to experience Human Life?

We are definitely not born to experience Human life. Life is full of sufferings interspaced with some moments of illusionary happiness and we have not born for this. We are here to realise our true nature by separating ourselves from what we are not. So to put simply we realise ourselves by realising who we are not.

We are a very loving and joyful consciousness symbolised by the Sat Cit Ananda Shiva. His reflection and dynamic energy is Parvati also called Prakriti or material manifestation. She creates different forms of herself as different identities of human beings to realise the same Shiva in different ways. Everything of nature from the tiny grass, animals, plants, birds, mountains, human bodies, planets is Prakriti. She is the smell of the rose, the beauty of sunset, power of the Sun, feel of the velvet and melodious tone of the flute. Everything she depicts is a reflection of Shiva. Thus she is also called Maya or illusion. Your true state is Truth which is the pure present moment devoid of any definition, Happiness that is pure joy bubbling from within and Love that is so immense that you dissolve in that. To realise that, prakriti creates the separation of light and dark or truth and false or love and fear so that you naturally align yourself to your true nature. Thus meditation is done in silence so that you touch your true nature for a few moments and realise some truth about yourself.

One has to rise above human experiences and remain untouched by them. That is why all Gods are shown sitting or standing above Lotus which blooms on muddy water signifying that your divine self should be as fertile and blooming as the Lotus above the impurity of the world. For this intense meditation and self-reflection is needed that enables you to detach from the world and settle as witness. Know that you are not realising, but She is realising through you. And whom is she realising? She is realising You. Since Life flows with an intention of self realisation, all you need to so is surrender to the flow of life with deep faith and trust and it will take you along. Life will take you to epitome of power, abundance, creativity, expression and love as that is that is your true nature. But for that you need to release the want, yearning and desire to achieve and just flow with life. It will make you learn what you have to and mould you into an image of the divine expression that you are.

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