Am I really what I have been thinking I am?

You feel deceived, cheated and taken advantage of by others, while living in the illusion that you yourself are kind, gentle, giving and accommodating. You feel that it is your sweetness of nature which is taken advantage of. You become a complainer and a whiner without understanding the root cause of a problem you are facing. It is very easy to see fault in others and assess their shortcomings. But to find faults and critically evaluate your own self takes a lot of courage.

For this, I would recommend the following ‘perspective taking” exercise:

Imagine you to be the other person and then see yourself from that person’s angle or perspective. This is a useful exercise which will give you a lot of insight into your own behaviour.

One Golden Rule of Life we all should understand is that the root of all problems we face lies in our own self.

• It is the fear in you of facing obstacles that attract challenges and struggles in your life.
• It is the fear in you of being negative that attracts seemingly manipulative people in your life.
• It is the victimization you feel that makes people dominate you.
• It is the attitude of mistrust and non-acceptance that you have that attracts non-aligned people in your life.
• It is your lack of communication that makes you see people that do not understand you.

Know that Life flows with the intention of making you realize your higher Self. For this, whatever you see around you is just a mirror, which only tends to reflect your weaknesses back at you. So instead of blaming the reflection and trying to clean it, try to look at your own patterns of thinking and correct them.

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