Ways to Control your Desires

A human being takes birth into an illusionary world where he seeks happiness from fulfillment of his desires. These desires could be material for wealth and possessions or they could be non-material like wanting success, acknowledgment, love and power etc.  At one stage he seeks to satisfy his basic material wants of food, clothing and shelter which is stability, and in another he seeks self-fulfillment in terms of enjoyment of all the five senses of smell, taste, sight, touch and hearing. Then there is a period when he wants to fulfill himself of name, fame, power, growth and success. While desires seem different, he has now become a hamster on a wheel. They just seem never ending. Then he starts looking for deeper meaning to his life and is surprised to know that spirituality talks about having no desire at all. He reads the sayings of Buddha “There is no fear for one whose mind is not filled with desires.” and “The Root of suffering is attachment” and realizes that all his life he was running for fear out of not getting what he expected or losing what he loved.

Desires do cease and they do so when you realize that you were and will be always provided for your needs. You realize that all this while, you were the creator of your life. What you are , so is your world. So you cleanse yourself with Yog and connect with your pure core to create your unique life purpose. You realize yourself as a witness consciousness of all that IS.  Knowing your true identity, you let go of all controls and go deep within to swim in the ocean of contentment.

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