Why people just don’t seem to understand me?

Know that life is a mirror and if you find something in the reflection that you do not like, know it is what you need to change about yourself. When you find that people are not understanding you, check for the following:

• Is there too much expectation from your side as to how people should be or should not be? Do you control their understanding? Know that when you control, people lose their natural intelligence.

• Did you mistrust people and believe that they purposely do that? You need to release this mistrust and know that people are there to honour what you say.

• Is there clarity and consistency in what you say? Do you believe in what you say? You may need to work on this.

• Are you impatient? You need to work on that. It takes time for the other person to understand you. Effective communication is a process that slows you down and brings you in the Now Moment.

Look at relationships with people as equal partnerships, where neither you should be controlling, nor should you be controlled. Such relationships lead to joyful unions. In such relationships, you will find yourself understanding the other person as well being understood. Communication is a two-way process, which involves both listening and speaking. You have to listen to the other to understand them first, and then have faith that what you speak and express will be understood by the other person.

I recommend Wisdom Pendant and Yellow Sapphire for those who wish to enhance their communication skills.

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