Ways to Become Selfless

What is Selflessness

To be Selfless is to be without Ego. Seeing yourself mirrored in others, deriving your enjoyment and satisfaction by seeing the fulfilment of others is true selflessness. However, in today’s world we are selfless in close relationships only. That is why, if you’re a mother, you are satisfied to see that your child has eaten his meal, feel successful if your child scores well in exams. Similarly, a wife feels proud of the promotion of her husband, a sister feels happy for her brother’s prosperity and it’s your best friend who will distribute sweets when you get a child. Your father, who is himself a high school graduate, will roam around the neighbourhood with a broad chest telling people how his son is travelling abroad on an official assignment.

Expand your horizon

But why is selflessness limited to close relationships only? It is because of the Ego, which tells you that you must be selfless for those who’re close to you in exchange of the love and service they give you. But today, if you expand your view, you realise that the whole world serves you in some way of other. The book that altered your perception about life was written by someone else. A message forwarded from a stranger might put a smile on your face, another stranger may have caught you when you went off balance for a second at the train station, a video on YouTube may have left a lasting impact on your personality and the food served on your dining stable has been cultivated by an unknown farmer’s hands.

Be powerful and Selfless

In this way, most material benefits you are enjoying may have come from complete strangers. When you expand your consciousness to include everybody in your sphere, you become completely selfless. Selflessness is about accepting that others are the same as you, only in different form. But this doesn’t mean parting with your things or being gullible or naïve, which is essentially a power chakra issue. You could be powerful in your own right but still be selfless in your hearts. You could be the powerful prime minister of a country, who knows how to enforce things but at the same time be completely selfless in his service.

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