Why things fail me at the Last Moment?

So are there many sips between the cup and the lips? When good outcome seems almost certain, something goes wrong and you do not get what you want. If you are facing these situations repeatedly, then this post is for you.

Firstly your definitions or intentions behind a particular project have to be visited. You have to ask yourself questions as to why you are doing or wanting this. For example, if you are a teacher and you are setting up a coaching center, the intention behind this, or your definition as to why you are setting up this coaching center, has to be coaching the students in the best possible way so that they reach their potential. If instead of this, in your mind the primary definition is that you want to earn money and so you want a huge number of students to join your centre, the definition itself is the problem.

The parents of the students are not keen to make you rich or famous. So how will you attract your prospective clients when the definitions and the parameters of the relationship are not matching? Only when you correct the definition in your mind, will you be able to attract the correct buyer, client, investor for your project. You should be selling a superior product or an idea for the correct intention and not for money, name or fame. If you tweak the definition in your mind, you will not go into illusions and you will manifest the perfect outcome. I remember a client who came to me for consultation a few years back. He was into building colleges and had set up several across the country with funding from various institutions. All was going great, when suddenly he suffered a family tragedy and lost his only son in a mishap. Months passed by in trauma and money lenders started chasing him. Now he had recovered but how much ever hard he tried, he was unable to get his work back on track. So I asked him what his intention in setting up colleges was. He replied that he wished to pay back the lenders and be financially comfortable. I asked him to remember what his intention was at the time of his golden days and he said “Aha, I loved to provide good education”.

Secondly, you need to look at your beliefs. Do you believe that you achieve after delays and obstacles? Or that nothing comes to you without a struggle? Or that you do not deserve enough? Look at it and uproot it by observation. Know that outer world is only echoing what you believe inside.

For clients going through these concerns, I recommend a Desire success RRST combination and it gives excellent results.

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