Why do I attract wrong people in my Life?

When you say that you attract wrong people in your life, does it mean people who break your trust? You define people as good and bad. But is someone necessarily good all the time and someone is always bad? You need to release judging people and know that they change with situation. Now check your beliefs on trust. Do you mistrust people? If you do, then Life will keep sending wrong people in your life, because what you focus on multiplies. If you focus on mistrust, Life will send you untrustworthy people who will wrong you in some way or the other.

Now the question is, how to build trust?

Trust happens when you possess the following two qualities:

• You have a clear definition of your personal boundaries. That happens when you have a good self-esteem and you know what is allowed and what is not allowed in your value system.

• You have a clear sense of your own personal power. So when you encounter a person, where you tend to have mistrust, ask yourself how can the person harm you? And if the person harms you will you be defenceless? If you know that you have all the power to defend yourself, then where is the need of feeling threatened? And if there is no reason to feel threatened, why should you mistrust? Here I am talking about normal day to day interactions with your extended family members, friends, colleagues and casual acquaintances, and not a battlefield situation where you are confronting enemies or criminals or terrorists.

So solution is to learn to trust people knowing that you have the power to defend yourself and you know your personal boundaries which no one can dare to cross. Self-esteem and Self honour reside in the Swadhisthana chakra located 2 inches below the navel centre. Balancing this chakra helps release fears related to personal boundaries and self-doubt. Wearing Courage bracelet RRST combination and Pearl gemstone helps balance this chakra.

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