How to Deal With People Who Take Advantage of You?

At times you run into situations where you feel that others take advantage of you. It could be situations like:

– At office, people pass on their works to you and take the credit for themselves

– In friendships, you feel you are always there for them in times of need but when your time comes, they seem to be too busy

– You find that you give time, efforts and money or anything material to friends, relatives, business partner/associates etc., but never get it back or in turn you get betrayed

Feelings of being taken advantage of express themselves as below. These fears and emotions affect the Swadhisthana Chakra which is the seat of the ’self’, located two inches below the navel.

– negativity, low self-esteem.

– Feeling overpowered by others

– Feeling cheated, less, unsafe and lack of inability

– Feeling helplessness to protect what is due to your or protect your boundaries

The Swathisthana chakra

An individual with a healthy Swadhisthana Chakra holds the energy of money, joy and taste in life, power of relationships and demonstrates creativity. The blockage of this Chakra produces insecurity, resentment, lower back issues and fear of the unknown. This Chakra communicates how to eliminate our need to resist and control everything in life and surrender ourselves to the flow of life.

When energy is not flowing freely in Sacral Chakra, some of the following physical symptoms arise:

• Fertility Issues, Endometriosis or PCOS in women
• Lower back pain or Muscle pains
• Emotional Instability and Depression

Reasons for Chakra blockage

This Chakra gets blocked when a person:

• Does not honor himself
• Does not protect his own boundary
• Allows others to dishonor him or encroach upon his boundaries

The reason why a person does not honor himself is self-doubt, self-rejection, comparison with others and feeling lesser as well as feeling that others are more important than him.

When a person does not honor himself, he becomes dependent on others for acknowledgement, guidance and sustenance. This dependence on others sets a stage for him to be taken advantage of. He is unable to protect his boundaries out of fear of losing favour of those who support him. He is then unable to say ‘No’ or protect himself or protect what is due to him. A relationship of dependency leads to expectation, control and the person is not able to see the truth behind the actions of the other persons.

Lessons of the Swathisthana chakra

To balance his Swadhisthana Chakra, one has to learn the vital lessons of

-Self honor

-Defending one’s self

-Standing up for oneself

-Making his environment in his favor

-Realizing his unique identity independent of others

Only when a person honours his unique identity he is able to understand himself and make himself understood. It is identity that makes you realize your power and right to act assertively and stand up for yourself.

Balancing the Swathisthana Chakra

To balance this Swadishthana Chakra, you can wear Two Mukhi and Ten Mukhi Rudraksha bead and Pearl gemstone. Also orange carnelian and orange Jade give vital energy to this chakra. Emotionally open up yourself to feel joy and taste in life. Do things that make you happy and joyful and worthy.

You can also meditate on this chakra given as below:

Put your hands in your lap, palms up, on top of each other. Left hand underneath, its palm touching the back of the fingers of the right hand. The tips of the thumbs touch gently.

• Concentrate on the Sacral chakra two inches below Navel. Chant the sound VAM.

Do for 10 minutes and feel the sensation of awakening of the Swadisthana chakra .

Release limiting beliefs

I release belief that I am the wrong sex

I release belief that should have been the opposite sex

I release belief that relationships are painful

I release belief that relationships are controlling

I release belief that life is hard

I release belief that love is hard

I release belief that I hate my body

I release belief that I hate being a male/female

I release belief that sex is bad

I release fear of loneliness

I release fear of being rejected

I release fear of being unappreciated

I release fear of being unmotivated

I release fear of being disrespected

I release fear of being damaged

I release belief that my needs are not met

I release belief that relationships are unsafe

I release fear of being unsupported in life

I release fear of being unprotected in life

I release fear of being victimized

I release belief that I lack personal identity

I release belief that I am not cherished

I release low self-esteem

I release fear of repeating poor relationships patterns

I release all guilt from every cell of my body

I release fear that I don’t deserve a better life

I release belief that I don’t deserve love

I release belief that I don’t deserve happiness

I release fear that nobody wants me

I release fear that nobody is there for me

I release fear that I don’t know who I really am

I release belief that I don’t want to know my real self

I release belief that it is scary to be real….

I release belief that I am never good enough

I release being guilty if things go my way

I release belief that I have to have struggle somewhere in my life

I release belief that who am I to make difference

I release belief that women are weak

I release belief that men are controlling

I release the feeling that I am stupid

I release the feeling that I am stuck

I release the fear that there is no love for me

I release the belief that I have nothing to offer…

Now do affirmations below

Thank you God,

I am worthy of love/I am grateful to be a woman or man/I am the right one/my life is right and good/I am deserving of all of life’s blessings/I am receiving them now/this child is wanted, welcomed, and deeply loved/it’s my birthright to have my needs met/I am noticed/I am totally me in relationships/relationships are safe….

Thank you God,

Sex is spiritual and sacred/I am grateful for this body as it is now/I am comfortable in my body/I am allowing nurturing and comfort/I am nurturing myself with loving words and Feelings

Thank you God,

Life is good to me/relationships are a joy/marriage is easy/I am noticed and appreciated by the ones I love/I am a creative genius making great contribution to this life/I am attracting like-minded people who support me and love me.

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