Are you a people pleaser?

Are you a people Pleaser?

Are you constantly worried about the opinion of others or seeking their approval? Does your happiness depend on what others think of you? If you answer yes to the above, then you are most likely a people pleaser.

People who are worried about pleasing others are those who lack self-esteem. They hope that by pleasing others, they will win acknowledgement, protection and favours.

Why you seek approval

When you perceive a lack of encouragement in your life and you believe that other’s opinions have more value over yours then you constantly need the approval of others for your actions. You fear their disapproval and fear losing favor. You worry about them talking behind your back or making fun of you. Know that that if you are a people pleaser, then you have set the stage for others to take advantage of you. They can very well overpower you and not give you your dues. Why must you be happy with the crumbs that people are throwing at you occasionally or feel victimised? Know that you are born with uniqueness and that is sufficient for what you have to accomplish in this lifetime.

Find Strength within

If you dwell within yourself and savour your unique identity, then you will discover real happiness. It will give you the strength necessary to achieve your goals. If you must collaborate with people, then take it in equal partnerships where there is nobody greater or lesser than the other. Release all fear of losing the partnership and support. This will make you live a more fearless and empowered life. Whether the partnership is with a boss, or colleagues, spouse, children, friends, every one of them is an equal partnership formed for a purpose – be it for the stability of the family, for sharing opinions or good moments as friends or for the expression of your unique talents, in case of the workplace.

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