The Divine Law of Abundance

The biggest worry people across the globe are facing today is that of sustenance. Everyone is concerned about a lack in their future. You worry that there isn’t enough savings in the bank, you may not be able to meet the mortgage on the house, your car is not good enough and your job is awful, but you won’t get another if your quit this one. Some of you cannot afford a holiday. You constantly fret over your children’s education expenses, your impending old age and retirement needs.

The world around you does not help either. On television, you watch the war in some country and worry about the scarcity that might arise from the prevailing global uncertainty. Newspapers tell you that there aren’t enough seats in the top colleges and companies are firing people; there aren’t enough jobs for those being retrenched. In short, there are no opportunities.

It helps people with vested interests to promote anxiety in society because in a state of panic, they stand to benefit by selling their hoard of goods/services for a premium. This constant worry about scarcity is quite damaging for the collective psyche of any community. It creates needless stress, apprehension and drives people to desperation, where they can do drastic things.

Today, I want to tell you something about attracting abundance. Sit in meditation. Bring all your thoughts and fears of scarcity together. Feel the deep seated fears inside you, knot them together and expel them. Visualise these fears leaving every cell of your body, every chakra of your system, every aspect of your being, every dimension of your life. They don’t serve you anymore. Concentrate on your third eye where all your memories and perceptions are stored. Cleanse your Citta and Ahamkara. To do this, imagine an intense ray of light burning these perceptions and memories. Watch this process till all memory is burnt and your third eye is clean.

Now see the abundant Earth. She is so expansive and has created limitless abundance. See the colours, trees, flowers, fruits, metals, animals, objects around. Can you define boundaries in anything? Even to this day, new metals, new planet species, new colours, new technologies and new ideas are being discovered. The Earth does not know boundaries. She is expanding and growing. The population is growing and alongside that, resources are also growing or are being created every single day.

Every human is born with a uniqueness to serve this Earth and this world. It may be your artistic capabilities, or your brain power to create something unique. Or you could be a celestial healer or managing a big business that will bring value to society.  Unless you follow the path of that unique ability you have in your DNA, you will not get the success you want and Consciousness will keep aligning you to that path.

So how do you know your uniqueness? Delve within. See what you truly love to do, if money were not a concern and go on that path without fear. The Universe will support you with men, money and material to achieve success. Enhance your awareness and realise your self-worth and honour yourself for what you are and what you are not. If you deal with a product, then realise the worth of the product and have faith in it. You will be able to connect with clients who will pay fair value for your services or products, without depending on anyone for your sustenance. It is a divine connection of give and take. This same divine union is formed with other people, where there is no fear of losing anyone and no dependability. Every relationship must involve an equal and fair give and take. Hear others with patience and then use your self-power to convince them.

In your Self power, you stand all alone without needing to depend on anyone and without having anyone depend on you. Even your family is sustained by Consciousness. You are just a medium. So release the fear of being responsible for anyone and realise your complete power. What you give to the world is what you get from the world.

Just as a plant taps its roots steadily into the hard ground for nutrition, you need to spread your roots into the society, slowly and steadily with confidence. You have the right to have stability and support. Cultivate meaningful friendships and good friends who will support you, get good and honest staff for your company, have a loyal customer base and develop relationships with suppliers who will stand by your side.

This happens when you realise the law of divine Union, where there is a fair give and take. Expand your creativity and self-worth and aim to serving the needs of the people more. The bigger your aspiration, the more resources the Consciousness will send you in terms of money, men and material.

Know that there is enough for your needs. And more can be produced by Earth as per your need. If it gives you too much stress, do not focus on goals or targets. Take things one day at a time, one moment at a time and live it completely. One moment well lived and complete will make way for the next complete moment.

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