Is it right to trust people or should one lead a guarded and cautious life

Today most people are living with their hearts closed because they fear betrayal. Whether it is in your personal life, or your work/business life, you are forever on your guard because you anticipate betrayal.

What if I tell you that nobody in this world actually betrays you? Surprised?

Know that people actually behave according to their own reference points and their personal limitations. An employee who quits a company at a crucial moment and a husband who leaves his spouse of many years for a younger woman are both acting as per their own priorities. To you, they may seem selfish, self-centered and ignorant of the feelings of others, but that is your definition.

Here is why you should not live with a closed heart:

  1. When you close your heart out of mistrust, you close yourself to feelings.
  2. You shut yourself from Intelligence. Know that Intelligence manifests only when you have an open heart.
  3. With your heart closed, you can never manifest your desires. It is a big loss.

If you want to open you Heart Chakra and live a life of fulfilment, you must address this fear. To open your heart, completely destroy all fears of betrayal.

Why do you have fear in the first place?

Know that fear comes from powerlessness, the sinking feeling that ‘I cannot protect myself”.

If you fear betrayal in your professional life, then install systems, procedures and rules where your interests are protected and cheating you won’t be easy.

In your personal life, when you feel let down by others, know that always have a choice. Whether you choose to forgive and accept their failings, or you let them out of your life, without bitterness is all up to you. If you feel they are sincere and will change their way, by all means, forgive.

But I must warn you that trust doesn’t come easily. It won’t come unless you have the power to enforce trust. Your Anahata or Heart Chakra is situated higher up above the Manipura Chakra (of self respect and power) and Swathisthana Chakra (of self esteem). Unless you have self esteem and self respect and are aware about your power, you cannot live a life of trust. So answer is that live a life of unfretted trust. Trust life, trust situations and trust people by all means. That alone will make you life joyfully and creatively. But always be centered in your self esteem, self respect and self power.

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