How to evolve from Doingness to Beingness

The storehouse of your karma and the very basis of our birth is the Muladhara chakra. Located at the base of your spinal cord, this chakra is the seat of Lord Brahma, the Creator. Until the time you have unfulfilled karma, you take birth in this world again and again.

Karma comprises your unfulfilled desires and rigid beliefs. The final goal of this human existence is to be complete – Poorna (whole). Until the time we do not realise the completeness within us, we remain in this cycle of birth and death. This sense of “Incompleteness” within sends a message out to the Universe that attracts situations that attempt to complete you.

Any rigid “beliefs” and “fears” you have will make the Universe send you tests or challenges so that in the process of handling the test, you learn how to release the fears.

So if you believe:

I cannot defend myself, the Universe sends you enemies

I am not good enough, the Universe sends you people/situations that pull you down

I cannot accept, the Universe sends you unimaginable situations that you cannot escape

I am not supported, the Universe removes your support, so that you learn to stand on your own feet

I cannot forgive, the Universe sends you love that betrays you.

I cannot express myself, the Universe sends you difficult situations where you need to speak out to resolve them.

Decide your reality

Muladhara is the slowest moving Chakra with the lowest frequency and the highest wavelength. It is a sensitive Chakra, which captures the fearful frequencies of your mind instantly and turns them into reality. When you fear about money running out, you will actually find yourself struggling for money. If you fear instability, you will start creating unstable situations in your life.

The adage “Think and speak positive” applies perfectly to the Root chakra because it soaks up fearful thoughts like a sponge. Only when you have released fears created in the Muladhara chakra, will it open up and flower, allowing abundance, support and stability to flow unconditionally through the Earth.

The answers are all within you. You don’t have to learn. You just have to unlearn what you have been conditioned with. You can either find this “Completeness” by attracting your desires and dropping them one by one through fulfilment. A simpler approach would be to delve within in meditation and discover the completeness residing there.

Similarly, you can resolve your lessons in two ways. Face the situations thrown to you or just delve into your divine self, bring them to surface and resolve them. Many souls choose the path of renunciation and meditation, rather than facing the dream battles of this dream world.

Come Into Beingness

You might wonder, what happens once I have learnt all that was to be learnt and have fulfilled all that was to be fulfilled?  Well, once you are able to do that, you become a true medium for divine expression. The Divine will start expressing through you. Instead of being the musician, you become the music. Rather than being a dancer, you become the dance. Instead of being the doer, you become the doing.

The Divine works through you in its full expression. This is reason why, out of all the musicians, only one became Tansen. Of all the cricketers, there is only one Sachin. Of all the wise counsellors, Birbal is still remembered. Of all the monkeys, only one became Hanuman. Of all lovers, only one became Radha.

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