How to Achieve Stability Amidst Uncertainty

The centre of your stability resides in the Muladhara Chakra at the base of your spine.  Muladhara chakra is the most important Chakra ruled by Lord Ganesha, Brahma, Hanuman and Bhumi Devi. This centre is the basis of human birth and survival. It also works as the storehouse of our karmic desires, which make us take birth in this world again and again.

This chakra is usually blocked in nearly every human being alive on this planet. Surprised? What I mean is that since you are living in this world, you have unfulfilled karma and thus, there are further lessons for you to learn. This chakra is where Laxmi meets Ganesha and therefore, immense abundance can be created here. If you are looking for material wealth, read this post carefully.

Before you can enjoy wealth from this Chakra, there are several aspects of Muladhara that need to be balanced. They are crucial for the flowering of the Muladhara Chakra, so I will outline them here.

 Create a Community

Muladhara Chakra is where you create a feeling of Oneness with others. Unless you feel part of a community, you do not realise the support that is available to you. Until this happens, you find it hard to summon the energy, willpower and strength needed to face the challenges of life. Without bonding, you are like a dry leaf that is blown here and there against its will. In order to grow roots, you need good family and social bonding. So harmonise your relationships – connect more with your parents, your family, your community, your society, your country, and with humanity as a whole. We are all one. Together we are the strongest entity in the world. Everyone out there will support you. We are all children of the same Earth. You are not alone in your desires or your mission. So many people out there will support you in different ways, if only you reach out to them. When you have learnt this lesson, you will allow the energies of the Creator Brahma into your life.

 Be grounded and practical

To derive continuous nourishment from the earth, you must put your roots deep into the ground. It is your birthright to be supported because you are born. So release every fear of instability from your life. Do not compromise because of any fear of instability. A well-rooted plant survives in every storm. But you must stop living in a fantasy world and become more grounded. Instead of merely dreaming about success, you must qualify yourself for it. Your purpose, your mission is more important than your wishful fantasies. Family bonding will help you stay grounded and level-headed. Remember, you have chosen this family to learn lessons. Stop judging them and accept them with gratitude as part of your life. A balanced family goes a long way in opening your Muladhara chakra and allowing abundance into your life. That is the reason a wife, daughter and daughter-in-law is called Laxmi in Hindu culture. This lesson allows the energies of Mother Earth in your life.

 Fight for survival and stability

Muladhara is the chakra of fight or flight. People who do not learn its lessons lose focus and develop leg pain, knee pain and emotional instability. Fight to keep your family together, fight to keep your job/business thriving. Be ready to face challenges. Do not run away from them assuming that the demons will go away on their own. They will grow bigger and uglier till you are forced to face them. When you become a true warrior, you welcome the energies of Kartikeya into your life.

 Surrender fear of change

You must accept change in your life. People with an overactive Muladhara Chakra develop too many roots in life. It makes you rigid and orthodox, averse to change. It is among such deep-rooted communities that practices like honour killing thrive. For these people, their child is less important than the opinion and approval of the community. Know that every possession and relationship is a toy or tool created for you to experience human birth. Just as you outgrow your toys, you will evolve to other toys over the coming years and coming births. To evolve to your higher self, you must release all fear of change and embrace the changing world.

Release struggle

You must believe that life can be easy. Believe that you can live without struggle. Release all struggle from your being. Release the fear of being overburdened with work or responsibilities when you walk the path of fulfilling your desires. Here is a short meditation to release these fears.

Ask yourself what your fears are. Allow them to come to the surface. Initially, it will be a struggle to bring them to the surface because you have been pushing down them for a while. Now bring them before you and face them. Feel fearful of your fears. It’s alright, be totally immersed in your fears. Then release them from your being, release them from your home, from your family, from your neighbourhood, from your city, state, and country. Release these fears from the world into a vortex forever. With this, you will experience a release as your consciousness banishes the darkness of fear forever.

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