Honour Yourself

A powerful energy you need for success lies hidden in your lower spine. This emanates from your second Chakra, the Swathisthana Chakra, which is the seat of your identity. When the energy from this Chakra flows freely, you are brimming with creativity and vitality. You enjoy win-win relationships with the people around you.

But if the Sacral Chakra is imbalanced, you find yourself surrounded by people who cheat you the moment you let your guard down. You find yourself constantly worrying about debts and losses in the coming future. Your business relationships and partnerships don’t seem to work. Even your sexual life is in disarray.

This energy from your Sacral Chakra will flow freely only when you truly honour yourself and your identity. Set your boundaries clearly and firmly assert yourself in defending them, so that no one can cheat you or take advantage of you. Dwell in that sacred space where you can never get abused. Let your sacred space protect you.

Swathisthana Chakra gets blocked when your childhood traumas have ripened into beliefs. It could be that you were shouted at in your childhood for underperforming in studies. Maybe you were beaten and humiliated for your mistakes and you still feel threatened because your core energy field has been invaded so many times, in so many ways.

Worse, you were unable to protect yourself because the people who did this were your own parents, teachers, relatives or school mates. Since you allowed your sacred space to be invaded, you have started disrespecting yourself. You lose self-esteem and self-worth. At this point, many of you might resort to substance abuse. Drugs, alcohol or manipulative behaviour find their way into your life as a coping mechanism against this negativity.

Release All Fear

As the years go by, you must realise that your circumstances have changed. You now have the power to assert yourself, but the fear that “I cannot protect myself” lingers on. And thus you find new people who torment you. Instead of your childhood teachers, parents and class mates, they are now your suppliers, customers, partners, colleagues and spouses who cheat and betray you. Armed to protect your space, you are always on the defensive and tend to distrust anyone who comes near you for fear that your space will get violated again. Understand that this pattern will continue until you learn the lesson the Universe wants to teach you. It is this:

I have a sacred space

No one can violate this space

I honour myself for what I am and what I am not

I forgive myself for anything and everything

I know how to live without judging myself. I accept myself unconditionally

I honour myself and know how to honour the sacred space of my partners

Joyful Unions

This Chakra is the place where the Being settles within itself. “Swa” means Self and “Sthana” means place. Only when you settle comfortably in this space, will you become happy and experience joy. Once the Sacral Chakra opens, you will rejoice in fruitful unions with people in the world. You will be able to form meaningful relationships both in your professional and personal life. These relationships become sacred and true because they are formed on the basis of mutual understanding and good communication.

When you have learned to honour your sacred space, you will honour the sacred space of others. Open yourself to the blessings of this Chakra and forge meaningful ties with the world that is supporting you by all means.

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