Divine Lessons of Union

Whether you admit it or not, most people are facing problems in relationships today. It is often a question of balance. Either you end up giving too much of yourself in a partnership/love relationship or you allow others to take advantage of you. Or find yourself being cheated. How does one have divine unions with others? Unions are very crucial for enjoying life, for learning and growth. You need unions to get your work done, conduct exchange of money and services and create a good support system around yourself. Here are certain laws that have to be honoured for a union to become divine.

Define roles clearly – Whether it is a customer and supplier relationship, a boss and employee equation, or marriage partners or even parent-child dealings, you must clearly and explicitly convey, sometimes repeatedly, the purpose and outcome of the union. With children, you provide them with money, support, education and you expect them to develop into good, balanced human beings. With the spouse, you expect to share domestic and financial duties, with the lover you want to share joy and special moments, with employees you expect a good output. In this regard, it’s better to not leave anything to “assumptions” as the other person may be from a different background and/or maturity level. What will seem perfectly logical to you, may not make sense for the other party, so keep clear lines of communication.

Only Wisdom fights ignorance – Before you enter into a union, educate yourself about every aspect of the transaction. Do not ignore the details and do not avoid being deeply involved, just because it is something new for you. For instance, if you are buying electronic equipment, do not depend solely on the vendor. Do your own research about the product. If you are entering a business partnership with a friend, do not depend on him for certain aspects, just because you haven’t done something before. Make the effort to learn that aspect also, but let the partner leverage experience in handling that side of business. If you are planning to marry someone, look beyond physical appearances. Make the effort to know the person, their likes/dislikes, habits, nature and background. To put it simply, if you get into any union, don’t limit yourself to certain aspects of the new venture, but educate yourself fully. This will save you much frustration, helplessness, doubt and heartbreak later on.

Investigate before the plunge – Always check three options before deciding on a union. If you are going to buy a gadget for your home, contact three vendors for quotes. If you are getting into a business/job, check its viability from three different sources and listen to their opinions. If you want to marry someone, make the effort to know them from their place of employment, their neighbourhood, friend circle and so on.

Have trust- Once you have already got into a partnership – whether it is marriage or employment or purchase of a product, give it your full trust. Doubt destroys everything. Try to resolve any issues within the union, knowing that this union has been sent by the Divine, so that you learn its lessons. Leaving the union should be your last resort. Arm yourself with self control, self worth and good communication in order to iron out any issues.

Release fear of losing – Now comes the important part. Even if you achieved this union after a long struggle, do not harbour fears of losing the union. If you develop fears of losing a job or losing your loved one or losing a big customer, you allow others room to take advantage of you. Release this fear and do what is right for that moment.

Maintain self worth – Self respect and self honour should never be lost in the union. If you know yourself well, this situation will not arise. So if your faith in yourself, your product/service is low, you will attract cheap buyers for it. Only when your yin is high, will you attract a big yang.

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