The Purpose of Money

Money is a very useful energy. After all, it makes the world go round. Most of the clients I counsel on a regular basis say their main purpose in life is money. Although they have issues related to health and relationships, they believe that having money will solve everything. Money is their top priority. This brings us to the question – what is the purpose of Money in life?

How Wealth is created

In Hindu culture, money and wealth is commonly denoted by Lakshmi, the Goddess who is seen showering gold coins. In order to understand the importance of money in human life and how wealth is created, we need to understand Lakshmi. The word Lakshmi is derived from the Sanskrit word “Lakshya” which means an “aim” or “target.” Therefore, money cannot be an aim in itself. People who make money without any other aim will end up in illusions and cannot hold on to the tangible wealth created. Their position is like that of a thirsty deer running after a mirage.

Fulfil Your Aim

So ask yourself this question – why do you work?

Is it merely for survival or for money? Is it for name, fame or for feeling occupied or acknowledged? If your answer is yes, then your reasons are wrong. Such thinking will put you in illusions and lead to wrong decision making. There will be clear disconnect between what you expect and what you will get.

But if you want a career to realise your full potential and talent, then you are on the right track. So, what stops you from connecting to your true self and doing only what you love? Is it the fear of not getting enough money? A lack of self-belief? Lack of self-worth? You need to pull these disempowering emotions out and develop faith in yourself and in Life that gave you these talents. You will find abundance and satisfaction only in doing work that you are meant to do. And this desire lies in your heart as your Dharma or true life purpose.

Be Creative

In all her images, we find Lakshmi sitting on a lotus that floats over muck. This signifies that even in the midst of utter despair, chaos, and negativity, fertility and growth happens. Muck has that nurturing quality. It has the tendency to suck in things and if you remain in it, you become creative and fertile, and yet, as pure as a lotus. You should know that in the midst of obstacles, needs and problems creativity thrives and solutions emerge. Hence, money is earned when you become creative and rise above your own problems and above the problems of the world to offer unique solutions. Notice that the stem of the lotus stays inside the muck. Even when you are sitting on the lotus, never forget that you are nurtured by the muck. So do not hate it but be grateful for what it has given you.

Release the Past

If you see the image of Goddess Lakshmi, there will be elephants in the background showering water through their trunks. Elephants signify past memory and their throwing of water denotes the watering down of past memories and future worries in order to settle in the Now moment. Whatever the role of money in your life, it should have a distinct purpose. It should be a creative idea. And it should be for the present moment and only then abundance is achieved. Therefore, the purpose of money is to fulfil your aim (dharma) of being creative in life and living in the Now moment. Ultimately, we are all living consciousness in the Now.

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