How to Attract Abundance

Money is your highest manifestation.

How to Dissolve Your Inner Blockages, Release Resistance, and Open to the Natural Flow of Abundance You Deserve

We can assign various reasons as to why we need money: security, needs, excitement, empowerment, confidence or any other reasons. I would say we need money to have freedom to do what we want and live the way we want.

If you’ve spent any length of time studying the Law of Attraction, you may have learned that you can attract abundance, money and other good things into your life simply by changing your thoughts. You’ve probably used tools like visualization, affirmations and vision boards.
There’s a very good reason why it hasn’t shown up yet, and it’s the same reason for everyone who tries to attract abundance using the Law of Attraction.

Here’s why the Law of Attraction sometimes appears not to work:

Because you are not allowing Abundance:

To better understand what it means to allow abundance, a reminder about what it feels like to STRUGGLE for abundance may be helpful.

  1. Have you ever obtained money through hard work and sacrifice?
  2. Have you had to work excessively long hours, or perform job functions that really drained you?
  3. And when you finally received payment for that back-breaking work, the amount of money you got definitely didn’t seem like enough.

On the other hand, have you ever received money easily?

  1. Perhaps someone gave you an unexpected cash gift or bonus?
  2. Or your shares multiplied expectantly?
  3. Or your property prices increased beyond imagination?
  4. Or won a few dollars in a lottery drawing?

When money comes easily to you, it has a whole different frequency; a whole different FEELING. Doesn’t it?

It feels light, fun, effortless and enjoyable, compared to feeling heavy, unpleasant and difficult.

Those feelings are a perfect demonstration of the difference in frequency between struggling for abundance and abundance flowing easily.

The Beauty of Allowing Abundance:

What if I told you that you have FULL CONTROL over how easily money flows to you?

What if you could CHOOSE to allow an effortless flow of money and abundance into your life at any time you wanted?

I want to introduce you to an easier way of receiving more money; the beauty of ALLOWING.

Attracting abundance usually describes the techniques you use to bring more money into your life like visualization, affirmations and creating vision boards and so on.

Allowing abundance means relaxing and opening to an EASY flow of money and other forms of abundance like great opportunities, good health, happy relationships, passion, joy, security and inspiration.

A state of “allowing” means you are fully aligned with and open to the essence of the abundance into your life.

Money and all wonderful things would be flowing easily to you. If they aren’t yet, then you haven’t made the full inner shift to abundance yet.

Learning how to ALLOW money and abundance:

Abundance-attracting techniques are an important first step, but that’s NOT the full process. You also need to consistently move into the state of ALLOWING so you stop blocking the money and abundance you’ve been trying so hard to attract.

Otherwise, if you only focus on “attracting” abundance but you forget to focus on allowing it. It’s like inviting someone to your home and then barricading the door so they can’t come in!

When you finally master the art of allowing and make it a daily practice:

  1. Money and abundance flow EASILY and CONSISTENTLY.
  2. Struggle and strain disappear from your life. Great opportunities constantly drop into your lap.
  3. Solutions to problems come easily to you; sometimes even before you realize there is a problem at all! Overcoming challenges becomes easy. Pursuing your dreams becomes easy.
  4. Dreaming even bigger dreams becomes exciting instead of overwhelming.
  5. Great people are drawn to you. Success, joy, and fun are drawn to you. Everything you touch seems to be “charmed” in some way. So that it always works out in your favour.
  6. All aspects of your financial situation transform until they are smooth, easy, and beneficial in every way.

In essence, being in a state of allowing makes your life better, easier, and more enjoyable in every possible way. Once you experience it, I guarantee you’ll never want to go back to doing things the hard way!

Getting Into a State of Allowing:

So, how do you attain this magical state of “allowing”?

To answer that question, we need to go back to the concept of energetic FREQUENCY.

Remember we covered the concept of “like attracts like”? Well, you can only allow situations, events and experiences into your life that MATCH your energetic frequency.

So, if your energy patterns are tied up to the lacks, scarcity, struggle, and failure, that’s all you can allow into your life. If you change your energetic frequency so that it’s lined up with success, abundance, ease and flow, that’s all you can allow into your life.

Here’s the key to your energetic frequency: it’s all about HOW YOU FEEL. How do you usually feel about money? If you don’t have enough money, you probably feel frustrated, tired, annoyed, and angry.

How do you usually feel about your life in general? If things rarely work out well for you, probably you feel much the same, frustrated and tired!
That’s a major problem because you CANNOT ALLOW ease and flow while you feel that way.

Your feelings are a clear indicator that you are not lined up with an easier way of life and more abundance.

Your feelings are telling you that your ENERGY is lined up with all those negative experiences that you keep struggling with, over and over.
To change your energy, you need to change how you feel.

You’ve probably heard that you need to change your thoughts, and yes, thoughts are a big part of the equation, simply because your thoughts trigger your feelings, and your feelings determine your actions.

How to Change Your Energetic Frequency:

Changing your energetic frequency so it lines up with money, abundance, ease and flow, is a simple thing to do, but it’s a process. It’s not as easy as visualizing a few times or saying a bunch of affirmations. If it were that easy, everyone would be a master at manifestation, right? Essentially, you have to learn how to be a different person than you are right now.

Right now, you probably feel like a person who struggles a lot, a person who doesn’t have as much money as they want, a person who hasn’t achieved the level of success they want, and so on.

To change those outer circumstances, you need to change YOURSELF from within.

That involves changing the way you think, which changes how you feel, which draws forth better actions, and voila! Your outer life transforms.
Now, that may sound intimidating, but it’s actually really easy if you know exactly what to do.

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