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Stay in the Present to be happy

We are all searching for that elusive happiness and running towards the future with the hope that it would liberate us from troubles and make us happy. Children think that getting into the course of their choice will make them happy. Those in college think that getting into that company will make them happy. A young man dreams of his ideal wife and family to make him happy. A family man thinks about the betterment of his family to make him happy. But actually no one is happy anytime until he realises that happiness exists in the Now.

Why you lose happiness?

Today you are not happy with the situations as they are. You wish they could be better or different.

• You see obstacles in life and lack the strength to face them. What if your true nature is of a warrior and you need to stand up on your feet to fight challenges?
• You are disappointed with yourself and feel so worthless. What is your true nature will come forth with self-acceptance?
• You feel so weak and powerless. What if you need to release dependency on others to realise that all the power you needed to change a situation was already within you?
• You feel hurt and betrayed. What if forgiveness will liberate you?
• No one hears you. What if you need to understand them to be understood?
• You have lost in the competition. What if acceptance will help you find a path?
• You feel discontent and lost. What if faith and hope is your true nature and by aligning to it you see the bright light around the corner.
“We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.”— Carl Jung

Happiness comes by releasing all non-acceptance of what Is. Agreed that you do not like the way life is shaping up in your personal life or career or social life. But frustration, fear and negativity will only align you to ego and keep you away from finding the solution. We are creative intelligence that has come to realise itself. Everything that you see around is designed to take you closer to your true self by showing you a mirror of your consciousness. All that you desire to change in the mirror is what you are not. What makes you peaceful and content is your natural state. Intelligence awakens with surrender and gratitude for what you have. Contentment is your true nature and you need to align to that. You may think that “if I accept the present, I will stop striving for a better tomorrow”. But that will not happen. You are creative intelligence by nature and growth is an inherent part of you and that will go on.

Accept the present unconditionally. It just is. Surrender to it with gratitude for the experience to be alive to experience life being you. And happiness will start flowering within you.

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