How to Express Your Creativity?

If you think about it deeply, you find your life is a reflection of who you truly are. Everywhere you look in life, you will find creativity and growth. Which aspect of the universe hasn’t been touched by the creative expression?

Creative Expression is Limitless

Think of colours. In addition to the seven primary colours, there is an infinite number of colours resulting from a combination of these seven colours.

Look at numbers and you will notice their infiniteness.

In the animal kingdom, there are animals still being discovered.  Look at insects, plants and birds. Whether they are land dwelling or aquatic, their number and varieties are infinite.

In astrophysics and astronomy, the limits of this universe are inconceivable, whether you consider the depths of the oceans or the height of the skies.

In the field of human biology, new diseases, microbes and germs are being discovered every day and so are new diseases. Even Science is limitless but we are never short of resources, there is always new technology and research being deployed.

In the creative field, new music and new rhythms are being invented every day. Words are strung together in limitless ways to form poetry and songs.

In the sphere of food too, an infinite number of dishes and cuisines are being prepared on a regular basis. And when it comes to clothes, the variety of fashion and styles are never ending.

Consider interior designing and paintings and you will find the creative expression in these fields similarly boundless.

You Are More

You see how the Universe is limitless and highly creative. It has no finish line. Similarly, creative forms too are limitless. Anything that reaches a peak eventually gets destroyed and gives rise to a new bud.

The ever-expanding creativity of the Universe resides in every individual as his unique being in his Swathisthana Chakra. It is for the expression of his unique identity that a person comes to live in this world. Similarly an individual’s Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra is the means through which he expresses that identity. Balancing these two Chakras brings a person closer to his life purpose and enables him or her to live their full potential.

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