Four ways to Handle Fear and Insecurities

As human beings, all of you have some fear or the other lurking in your subconscious mind. For you to uncover your full potential in life, it is vital that you learn to deal with the fears and insecurities that are holding you back. Whatever the fears preying on your peace of mind, here are four basic ways you can deal them.

Look fear in the Eye

When you look at your fear long enough and analyse it, more often than not you will realise that it is an illusion. For instance if you have feared losing your job, on deeper reflection you will find that it was not a real fear, after all. Even if you lose your job, you can always find another one.

Ride over the Fear

At times you may feel that life has lined up many challenges in front of you. In the workplace you may have some unpleasant people or nasty colleagues who are making life difficult for you. But you are unwilling or afraid to stand up to them. Once you have gained the courage to confront them, you will realise that they will develop respect for you and you will develop self-power in the process.

Find a Solution

Sometimes you may be unwilling to admit that there are unwarranted fears niggling at the back of your mind. Once you realise the fear, you must start looking for a solution. For example, if your child has not done well in school, you must accept it as a fact, then start finding help. It could be in form of tuition classes or spending extra hours with the child or take counselling for him.

Accept & have Faith

Sometimes, faced with a life changing event, you tend to feel overwhelmed and defeated, knowing that you cannot do much about things as they stand. The situation is not something you can confront or ride over. For instance, a family member has met with an accident and had lost a limb or become crippled. Or you have lost your job suddenly or lost a near and dear one. Or you have just discovered your partner’s infidelity or your business partner has betrayed you. In such a situation, you should have faith that whatever has happened is for your ultimate learning. Be aware of the situation, accept it and have faith that you will grow from the experience.

Ultimately, it is not the situations of life that matter, but what you learn from them and how you have dealt with them. Know that every situation and circumstance contributes to your learning process and helps you on this journey to Self Realization.

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