Why Self Love is Important

Let us admit it: What most of you are seeking in life is love. Ultimately all of you want someone who will love you and show appreciation for the wonderful person that you are. So you venture into friendships and relationships, looking for unconditional love and appreciation. Or you plan to have children who will grow up to adore and worship you. But in this process, you have ignored the person who will love you and who will always be by your side. Someone who will never betray you – that person is Yourself.

Empower yourself with self love

Before you set out to look for love, you must first love yourself. Only when you love yourself, will you have the energy and courage to fight the demons that have tormented you. Every obstacle, setback and negativity from the outside world, all the challenges standing before you can be dealt with when you are at peace with yourself and appreciative of who you are.

Self love is the best love

The truest love in this world is the love you have for yourself. Fall in love with yourself unconditionally. Forgive all your small and big mistakes. Release all feelings of inadequacy and guilt and accept yourself for who you are. Congratulate yourself for all the efforts you have made and the challenges you have faced. Appreciate yourself for the good work that has gone unnoticed by the world. The world is your mirror and once you feel good about yourself, people will start reciprocating the feeling.

Self love connects to Divine Love

When you love and appreciate yourself, this love will open your heart and connect to the higher love of the divine.  Self love is the channel through which you can connect to everybody around you and to the divine.

Love without dependency

Loving someone else without having love for the self gives rise to dependency. When you do not love yourself enough, you end up seeking acknowledgment from the another person or having expectations from the other person which gives rise to dependency and control in relationships. Not only will self love release you from the binding and expectations from others, it will also connect you to your Higher Self.

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