The Thin Line between Self Respect and Ego

You may have heard me saying that you must honour yourself in order to get respect from others. Self Respect is one thing and then there is the Ego, which can be a dangerous thing. So where is the gap between Ego and Self Respect, you wonder? Let us dwell on thedifference between Ego and Self Respect and how either of these can shape or misshape your life.

Ego vs Self Respect

The “Ego” is what creates a separation and barrier between you and the others. All definitions of status – the “high” and “low”, the “good” and “bad”, the “favourable” and unfavourable” arise from the Ego. The Ego clings to definitions formed by perceptions of your past and fears of the future. The Ego seeks to alienate you from the world. It pretends that it wants to protect you and show you your weakness or your good points. But beware of the Ego because it makes you dependent on the external world for its approval. The Ego works through dependency and you end up seeking people’s approval for your happiness.

Why Self Respect is Important

On the other hand, Self Respect is a positive emotion. It is all about honouring yourself and honouring what you stand for. It makes you independent and it comes only when you follow the path of discipline. Self Respect makes you respect your boundaries; it helps you define and honour your own opinion as distinct from others. It makes you respect the choices you make in your life and above all, it gives you independence of thought.

Difference between Ego and Self-Respect

Sometimes, there is a thin line between Ego and Self Respect and you need to do a reality check to make sure which side you have aligned with.

Know that:

Ego is about vanity and pride while Self Respect is all about Self Power.

Ego seeks to alienate you from others whereas Self Respect serves to makes you distinctive.

Ego seeks dependency while Self Resect will make you Self-dependent.

Ego leads to feelings of victimisation and powerlessness, while Self Respect is all about personal power.

Ego may claim dishonour from the world, while Self Respect commands honour from the world. It is ultimately about Self Honour and to command resect from others, you must first honour yourself.

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