Right to Know

We all come to this earth with the physical existence having an identity and correspondingly having body, mind & senses, we are given certain rights. We need to know that we will be supported by the Universe in having our right met against all odds.

The right to: be here, be nurtured, act, love, speak, choose, see and know.

Today I will share my views on the right to know.

Since our only purpose of human birth is self-realization, it is out right to understand and know about life. We have to know how life functions, why we are here, why certain things happen, what we are expected to do and which path will lead us to success & fulfillment in all areas of life, be it physical, social, mental, sensory or spiritual.

When the right to know is obstructed in an individual’s life by superstitions, social restrictions, tyrannies and orthodox family values, the individual will question his rights & he will feel resistance to this and will want to break free from this.

Know that the Universe will assist that individual for the same in all possible ways. The copious amount of literature handed over to us by the ways of Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads and the like and their translation into various languages, preached by saints, sages and speakers, by way of their individual translations into songs, poems, dramas, is the Universe itself playing its part in your right to know.

How the right to know is not limited to knowing about spirituality. Any query, confusion or doubts in your mind will be clarified by the Universe, whether it is through someone talking about it in front of you or you bumping across it in articles in print media or even seeing the answer right in front of you quite unexpectedly.

There is no need to run anywhere to find answers. You need not to go places in search of it, to be dependent on anyone for it because the Universe will give you the answer where you are in the easiest possible manner.

As you exercise your right to know, your awareness expands and you your start noticing things which you did not see before and hence you start manifestation more of your creative accepting & abundant qualities.

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