Money does NOT stay with you because you fear losing it. It is associated with Lakshmi which leads to ‘Lakshya’ meaning ‘goal’; fulfillment of your goal.

There are eight types of Lakshmi called Ashtalakshmi described in the Ashtalakshmi Strotram:

• Adi Lakshmi or Maha Lakshmi: An ancient form of Lakshmi and incarnation of Lakshmi as daughter of the sage Bhrigu
• Dhana Lakshmi : She represents money and gold
• Dhaanya Lakshmi: She bestows agricultural produce and wealth.
• Gaja Lakshmi: She blesses cattle or animal wealth, like cattle and elephants.
 Santana Lakshmi: She bestows children.
• Veera Lakshmi or Dhairya Lakshmi: She blesses valour in battles and courage and strength for overcoming difficulties in life.
• Vijaya Lakshmi: She blesses victory, not only in battles but in one’s profession
• Vidya Lakshmi: She blesses knowledge of arts and sciences

Lakshmi is not currency but an energy that helps fulfill your goals.  Know that this energy comes from your Being, not from egoistic purpose. And how will you know it?

If it comes with the pleasure of having or pain of not having it, then it is through ego.  If it comes from driving necessity and surety that I need to have it, then it is from your Being.To connect to the Being, faith and trust in Self and life is necessity. To do that, money itself cannot be the ‘lakshya’.

So the affirmations such as “I will make X amount of money in so many years”, “I am attracting X amount of money”, “I expect a salary raise of X amount”, “My bank balance has X amount of money” are not going to materialize as these are actually illusions. Instead we should affirm: “Abundance is my natural state”, “I am open to exciting new opportunities”, “I am stable and supported all my life”, “I am grateful that all my needs are met by the consciousness”.

Know that you tend to create what you focus on. Remember, the power of fear is stronger than the power of truth because fear is transient  and temporal whereas truth is spread-out and eternal.

If you focus on the fear of “not having money” or “uncertainty with money” or “lack of money” or “losing money”, it would be all what you will create.  Instead, shift your focus on the things that have to be on what you love to do, present moment and gratefully see how much you are provided for and trust the Universe to nurture you. We should totally diver ourselves from any thought of money, knowing that “it will come when it is needed”.

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