Are you looking for a Soul Mate?

So many singletons on this planet are looking out for a special someone, but without success. If you are one of those frustrated with forever waiting and wondering what is wrong with you, this post has come in time to help you.

Correct your Belief system

Before you start looking for a soul mate, clean your own house first. The truth is that your mind creates beliefs and your beliefs determine your reality. If you are pessimistic, chances are that your negative beliefs have blocked your Sacral Chakra, the centre for pleasure and relationships in humans.

You have formed your cynical judgements possibly based on heartbreaks and traumas from your growing years and in earlier relationships. And without your realising, these judgements slowly become your reality. Here are some of the limiting beliefs that you must release or they will form the following consequences in brackets.

  1. It is hard for me to find true Love (And you make it hard for yourself to find love!)
  2. I don’t have Joy in my life (You cannot have something or someone that will

bring you joy)

  1. I am always denied pleasure (You deny yourself pleasure which could have

come with a partner)

  1. I am not loved (You cannot find a person to love you)
  2. No one appreciates me (You cannot attract a person who will do so)
  3. I cannot trust people/ It is hard to find people I can trust (Your partner

will be very hard to find)

  1. Relationships bring me pain (You cannot find a relationship that brings Joy)
  2. I am afraid of losing those I love. (You don’t want to find the person, because you already

fear losing them)

Results of Sacral Chakra blockage

A blockage in your Sacral Chakra will manifest as back pain or body pains and chronic constipation. There may also be problems in the kidney/bladder/large intestine or relating to reproductive system.

Ways to Clear Negative Beliefs

Realise first that your pessimistic beliefs were mere judgements that you made on a situation that has passed. Know that life is ever changing. What happened to you yesterday may never reoccur, not unless you recreate it with your own stubborn negative thinking! So release all your cynical beliefs about love and relationships by saying “I release the belief that….”

Affirmations for Sacral Chakra healing/balancing

Once you have released your pessimistic beliefs, practice the following affirmations to overwrite your earlier beliefs with positive, nurturing thoughts. Say to yourself over and over in meditation:

  1. I know that True Love exists for me.
  2. Today I am ready to share my life with someone.
  3. The thought of finding my soul mate gives me immense joy and satisfaction.
  4. Love will come to me easily and stay.
  5. I delight in the flow of life. I am open to all pleasures. I love, I am loved and I am completely lovable.
  6. I am complete, I am whole. I am ready to give Joy to that special someone and in giving, I enjoy.

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