How Your Touch Energises the Chakras

Did you know that with every touch, you energise a specific Chakra in the body? It is interesting to note that most of our customs and traditions are designed so that they activate certain Chakras through touch.

Given the location of the Seven Chakras along the spine, you must know that the Muladhara Chakra governs (Feet) your foundation, the Swathisthana Chakra (lower waist) is for pleasure, Manipura Chakras (belly) is responsibility, Anahata (Heart) is all about love and trust, Vishudha Chakra (hands) is about communication and expressing your uniqueness, the Ajna Chakra (forehead) is about acceptance and the Crown Chakra governs blessings.

So when you touch your head (Crown) to the feet (Muladhara) of your elders, you are saying:

I am blessed with your foundation

When you touch their feet with your hands, you convey:

With your foundation, I express my uniqueness

When you shake hands with others, you are saying:

We communicate our own uniqueness

When you embrace, you convey:

We touch hearts and say “Let us trust”

When you kiss, you convey:

“Let us accept”

When you pat someone’s back in appreciation, you convey:

“You have expressed yourself well”

When a mother hugs her child with her arms around his waist, she is saying:

“You are my responsibility”

When a lover places his hands around his partner’s lower waist, he is saying:

“You give me pleasure”

When you touch the crown of someone who has touched your feet, you are saying:

“I bless you through who I am”

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