What brings you closer to people – Speaking or Listening?

In an age of communication, most people have a lot to say. You have your opinions and your experiences that you want to share with others. But listening is a rare virtue. But how many people have the patience, the compassion and the understanding to listen to others?

What brings someone closer to you is when someone is able to open up their heart to you and trust you enough to confide in you. That fosters closeness. The art of listening which involves to a large extent understanding the person always brings you closer than speaking. In my view, it is easy to speak for most people. But listening involves resonating with the other person, understanding them, sympathising with them, consoling them and being there with a non-judgemental attitude.

For a non-judgemental attitude, you must have faith in the person and also honour the other person. Know that listening is not just hearing. It is far more. Listening is when you hear the other person’s words and take them to the heart level. You absorb the words within you. Listening requires you to be at the same level as the other person and that brings you closer.

Have you noticed that the friend you are closest to and your favourite parent is the one who listens to you the most? These are people with whom you can pick up the phone anytime and speak and they will listen.

Personally, I cherish the art of listening and I feel it is a very important spiritual quality. One must imbibe this in order to bring oneness, harmony, faith and understanding and above all, a non-judgemental attitude in relationships.

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