Right to Choose

We all are born with certain rights given to us by the Cosmic Consciousness that helps us live our unique identity and attune to the Universal Laws.

The right to: be here, be nurtured, act, love, speak, choose, see and know.

Today, I will share my views on the right to choose.

In life, we face many situations in which our own personal will and desire deem to be compromised with. The outside circumstances seem to have more urgency, more favor among others, easier and less daunting. It could be something ranging from joining your parental profession VS following your dream to be an actor or marrying someone of your parents’ choice to marrying someone belonging to a totally different culture or society.

In our personal career also, we are faced with situations where we are forced to follow norms which everyone else follows VS what you feel is ethically right to do. It could be something like you wish to do your business ethically whereas others save taxes through unethical practice of business and seem to be attracting more business than you do. Or it could be you wish to implement a certain process in your organization which breaks the currently active traditional process and invites resistance from those who are used to that traditional process.

This is the time when you have to exercise your right to choose between what is right as per your Inner Being and invoke your inner power to execute the same. Know that you will be supported by the Consciousness in this and also you will grow in awareness and strength because of this experience. The right to choose also comes when your own Inner Consciousness where you as a soul have to choose between what is right over what your body wants our mind wants or senses want. So,

– If your body wants to sleep or feel lethargic but you have to be awake to complete a task, you choose to be awake.

– Your body is hungry, but you have to go on diet then you choose to stay without food.

– Your senses want to relish junk good but you want to eat healthy food, you choose to say ‘No’.

– Your senses give you inputs to express your anger and frustration at the situation but you choose to stay calm.

– Your senses provoke you to harm your adversary but you choose to forgive.

– Your senses create lust and greed in you and you choose Dharma.

– Your mind tells you that it’s time to give up and it is not worth trying but you move ahead with a creative vision.

The right to choose is your fundamental right and your power bestowed to you by Guru in your Vishuddha Chakra which gives you the power to change the situations in your favor.

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