Is it possible to live a life without Obstacles and Diseases?

Know that life evolves out of the sole intention of Self Realistion. And Self Realisation cannot happen unless there is something to be realised. To realise your true self, you need to first see its opposite. Obstacles are perceived first and then solutions are found. Negativity has to be seen before one’s true nature is observed. Challenges are met first, before one’s innate power is discovered.

Pain and suffering are individual definitions, which manifest when one fails to use his innate power, wisdom and creativity to handle the lessons coming from life. This pain and suffering manifest in the physical body as diseases.

Disease can be perceived as a lack of comfort, dis-ease. The main aim of disease is to pull your attention, so that it cannot be ignored any longer. And then when you can handle that, and when you start looking at it, many things happen. Disease gives you time to self-introspect and cleanse yourself in many ways. You meet and interact with people who guide you in many ways. You read books, and in the process, the solution and the path opens up to you.

I have clients who started seeing the love of their family members after they had had a heart attack. There were women who realised the support in their lives after their knee surgery. There are people who realised how lucky they were and the blessings in their life after having a brain stroke (which arose from discontentment in the mind).

Know that obstacles and diseases are like tests which a student must face in school, which evaluates him and pushes him to the next grade. These will continue until the student passes this school of life with flying colours. So in life, until the time you don’t achieve Self Realisation and do not rest in the blissful joy of the Self, the illusionary maya will continue to envelop you. Maya’s perceptions will convince you that you are a body, mind senses and a soul. It will keep on creating lessons until you extricate yourself from all false attachments and realise yourself as a liberated consciousness.

How to overcome Disease and Obstacles:

Meditation is a must to clear all negative perceptions and realise your true self. You have to come to meditation at some time or the other. Wearing Rudraksha beads can also ease pain and suffering. Gemstones provide additional power and wisdom to overcome the challenges of life.

My favourite mantra is the Gayatri mantra, which helps to throw light and when you meditate with it, you perceive the solution.

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