Process and Techniques to Heal yourself Naturally

What is the basis of healing? Is it triggered from outside or within?

Healing happens through many channels. Some popular ways of healing in today’s world includes Pranic healing and Reiki where positive energy is given, wearing of Rudraksha, gemstones, metals (dhatu such as gold, silver, copper) or herbal or magnetic or bio energy pendants.

How healing happens

One type of healing takes place through the principle of resonance. The human body is a light body and thus comprises frequency and wavelength at different levels of chakras that govern different organs and the endocrine system of the body. Due to stress, fear and negativity or imbalance due to external factors, the chakra become imbalanced and thus lose their power to process the prana from the environment. The natural frequency of healing items and energies makes the chakras resonate to that natural frequency and thus restores them to their natural optimum state. This resonance also pushes away the unwanted negative energy. Colour therapy, aroma therapy, music or mantras and Rudraksha beads stimulate the chakras through resonance to restore them to their natural state. So in these cases, healing happens from inside.

Another type of healing uses prana/ energy from outside to aid the chakras to get restored.  Reiki, Pranic energy, herbal pendent, bio energy pendents work using this prinicipal.

There are some healing techniques that heal from outside by absorbing the negative energy. These primarily use salt, crystals and herbs to absorb the unwanted frequencies.

Common healing techniques

Counselling – When a counsellor speaks to a disturbed person in a language which is the highest truth,  these words resonates with his inner truth. His beliefs come to the forefront, ready to be addressed. He realises the truth of the situation – that the situation is complete – it is neither correct nor incorrect. In the process stress is released.

Herbs and aromas – Burning herbs like sage, lavender or cedar in your home has the power to absorb the dull and negative frequencies in that environment, making way for positivity to flood into that space.

Rock salt –Substances such as salt have the capacity to absorb negative frequencies. Wash your hands with salt water or burn a Himalayan salt lamp in your house. These lamps have the power to absorb negativity and dispel it into the atmosphere. Keep the salt lamp in sunlight once a week to dispel all negative energy.

Herbal pendants – Herbs relating to certain planets provide Prana to the body to invigorate them with energies from different planets.  They may be worn as pendants or armlets.

Crystals – Certain crystals such as black tourmaline and amber absorb negative energy. These have to be cleansed frequently (by washing/soaking in salt water) before they are used again.

Rudraksha – The vibrations of a Rudraksha say fifteen mukhi resonates with your heart chakra and dispels feelings of mistrust and fear.  This makes the heart chakra open.

Gemstones – Gemstones work to channel copious amounts of a specific colour light energy into the wearer’s body. This light resonates with the colour of the chakra and brings it to its optimum state.

Reiki energy – A Reiki healer sends life force energy to the affected parts of the body’s Chakras and energy field, charging them with positive energy. The Reiki energy raises the vibratory level in the physical body, where negative thoughts and feelings are lodged and the negative energy is released. Reiki clears, straightens and heals the energy pathways, allowing the life force to flow in a healthy and natural way.

Sound/tones – Every one of the body’s chakras beats a different tone. As such, harmonic music vibrates to certain chakras in your body. Listening to these tones can open your chakras and bring them in balance through principal of resonance.

Mantras – As with music, mantras and their beej sounds are powerful gifts from Hindu religion to the world that makes chakras resonate and balance themselves. The Gayatri mantra works on nearly every chakra in the body. This mantra channelizes into the body a clear white light, which comprises all colours into your system. Depending on where you focus, the specific chakra will resonate with that colour from the white light.

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