How can a person assume Responsibility and also be stress free?

To answer this question, we need to first go into all the traits of being a Leader.

A leader is one who takes responsibility for his environment. He knows that who and where he is, in his life is entirely his responsibility and he stays away from a victim mind-set. He faces whatever life throws at him and gives his best shot. If he fails, he knows that he has to work upon himself only. A leader treats himself as self-employed and does not work for others. He knows that you cannot achieve maximum by doing minimum, so he harnesses his full potential.

The biggest trait of a leader is self-sufficiency.

• He knows he needs the support of others, but he gets that as a partnership and not as a dependency. With independence he gets the vision to prepare in advance for any surprise or eventuality.

• A leader is one who is ready to go an extra mile to get the work done. It is not about what he should do or other should do. It is all about what has to be done in the moment. Discipline and excellence are the traits of a true leader. It is not about getting the work completed or off your shoulder. It is about doing it well and in required time line. He is driven by systems and discipline.

• A leader is one who always focuses on learning. If there is failure, he shoulders it knowing that he has learned from it also. A success also is a learning for him that he can use for other ventures. Integrity in words and action are a quality a leader has to imbibe to win trust of his team and clients. This requires him to place his dharma or right action above any emotion.

• A leader is one who truly believes in himself and uses creativity and wisdom to solve the most challenging of situations. He hears and understands others but only listens to his own heart.

• A leader is one who works without attachment. He knows that emotions are individual perceptions and his eyes stay fixed on the tasks to be accomplished.

• A leader can stay away from stress only when he focuses on his role and responsibility and not on the outcome.

So as a parent, you need to focus on being a good parent by doing your role and duty of giving your child a good environment for living and studies and not on whether your children are doing well or not. As a spouse, you need to be a good partner in your eyes and do your role of support for the others. Do not be affected by the response of the other or how he behaves towards you. As a manager you have to focus on being a good manager by setting up systems for your team and being a role model yourself and not be affected by the outcome of the tasks or the behaviour of your team.

The outcome itself will show you where you need to evolve and learn. Finally, life is all about Self-realisation.

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