Why achieving a state of thoughtlessness is so tough?

“In the state of thoughtless awareness
we think neither of the past nor of the future.

We are entirely in the present moment,
in the state of being, and do not waste
the precious moments of life
thinking about times that are finished forever
or yet to come.

We start to enjoy our Self, our Spirit,
our own inner beauty and
the beauty of creation.

We start to enjoy being.

We are able to enjoy the singing of birds
and the scent of flowers at a much deeper level
as we are no longer bombarded by
the meaningless mental chatter
that assails our awareness and pollutes our attention, distracting us from the simple joys of our existence.”

– Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

“In conscious or wakeful state there is continuous flow of thoughts just like the waves in an ocean. Just as one wave gives rise to another, one thought leads to another which may not be logically or rationally connected.”

Usually thoughts are related to dead past or unknown future whereas we are to live in the present. Engrossed in these thoughts we lose sight of present of our being. Often we have to face turmoil within and a storm in the shoreless lake of peace, which is our property, our own birth-right.

Lord Krishna said, “His mind is full with contentment whose desires ever flow inward. That man is like a motionless ocean which is kept brimful with constantly entering waters.” We must not bore the holes of desires in our reservoirs of peace.

Never tell the Lord that we want something. It shows greater faith if we simply say- “Heavenly Father, I fully believe that thou anticipate my every need, give me strength to sustain Thy Will. I want you from you. Row my boat on the way, you wish to row. In this state of self-surrender, thoughts will trouble us no more. They will move to and fro just as traffic goes from right and simply we watch it. We do not follow thoughts; we become thoughtless and attain ever-lasting peace and Bliss, which is the nature of our Being.

Alas! Wayward thoughts and obstinate ego have obscured our true being.

Thoughts happen because of the below reasons:

Definitions- These are definitions like good, bad, easy, hard, lucky, unlucky, big, small, pleasure, pain, fear, hate etc for self, people and situations made by the ego body.

Wrong alignment- When you align to anything other than the pure self, you have thoughts

Illusions- These are wrong definitions like food for taste or money for status, love for pleasure etc that makes the person go after addictions

Definitions, wrong alignment and illusions create Vrittis in the consciousness and these Vrittis have to be cleared for thoughtlessness to happen. This happens by way of Karma Yog where a person aligns to his dharma with full heart, Bhakti Yog wherein a person immerses himself in pure love for God, Dhyan Yog wherein a person meditates on thoughtlessness and does kriya to destroys the modifications of the mind and Gyan Yog wherein he questions and finds the right answers.

Finally the path leads you to yourself. It is fears that separate you from your higher self..

Ask yourself what are you afraid of?
Of God ? Non-sense
Of man ? Cowardice
Of elements ? Dare them.
Of yourself ? Know thyself
Realize that I am God

“I am He.” This is true knowledge; “I and my father are one.” All other knowledge, reason, intellect and everything else is ignorance. Where is knowledge for me for I am knowledge itself? “I am manifested through the elements but I am the free one. This is the only thought, which remains when we become thoughtless. If you think that you are bound, you remain bound. If you know that you are free, you are free this moment.

Know it for certain that you are in everything. This false individuality-ego must go. The less is there of this ego, the more you are nearer to that which you really are – the universal body. The less you think of your own individual mind, the nearer you are to the universal mind. It is an arduous task to get rid of this obstinate ego, the forest of thoughts- through continuous meditation you will not follow thoughts and become thoughtless.

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