Mantra for Success

Here is a list of things that attract/ repel Success and Abundance in life:

  1. Honouring your worth and time/ Not honouring your worth and time.
  2. Giving and receiving freely/ Not giving or unable to receive.
  3. Opening your heart / Closing your heart.
  4. Expecting the best to happen/ Worrying that the worst will happen.
  5. Coming from your heart / Getting into power struggles.
  6. Doing your best / Cutting corners.
  7. Wanting people to succeed, cooperating/ Competing and comparing.
  8. Focusing on how you can serve others / Thinking only what others can give you.
  9. Telling yourself why you can succeed / Telling yourself why you can’t succeed.
  10. Coming from your integrity / Compromising on your values and ideals.
  11. Being aware and paying attention / Operating on automation.
  12. Applauding the success of others/ Feeling threatened by others’ success.
  13. Embracing challenges / Choosing safety and comfort over Growth.
  14. Releasing things easily / Hanging onto things.
  15. Believing it’s never too late, acing on your dreams / Thinking it’s too late, giving up.
  16. Giving yourself permission to be and do what you want / Waiting for others to give you permission.
  17. Believing your path is important / Not believing in your path.
  18. Doing what you love for your livelihood / Working only for the money.
  19. Detaching, surrendering to your higher good / Feeling needy or that you must have something.
  20. Contribute to other’s prosperity / Contribute to other’s need.
  21. Performing your Dharma (higher purpose) first / Putting off Dharma until you have more time.
  22. Seeing yourself as the source of your abundance / Viewing others as the source of your abundance.
  23. Believing in abundance / Believing in scarcity.
  24. Believing in yourself, self-confidence, self-love / Worrying, fears, doubts, self-criticism.
  25. Clear intent and directed will/ Vague or undefined goals.
  26. Following your joy / Forcing yourself, creating “have to’s” and “should’s.”
  27. Surrounding yourself with objects that reflect your aliveness / Keeping objects that aren’t tools to express your aliveness.
  28. Expressing gratitude and thanks / Feeling the world owes you.
  29. Trusting in your ability to create abundance / Worrying over finances.
  30. Following your inner guidance / Ignoring inner guidance.
  31. Looking for a winning solution for everyone / Not caring if the other person wins.
  32. Becoming your own authority / Not believing in your inner wisdom.
  33. Measuring abundance as fulfilling your purpose and happiness / Measuring abundance only by how much money you have.
  34. Enjoying the process as much as the goal / Doing things only for the goal.
  35. Clear agreements / Unspoken or vague expectations.
  36. Thinking how far you have come / Focusing on how far you have to go.
  37. Speaking of abundance / Talking about problems and lack.
  38. Remembering past successes / Remembering past failures.
  39. Thinking in expanded, unlimited ways / Thinking in limited ways.
  40. Think of how you will create money / Thinking of how you need money.
  41. Focusing on what you love and want / Focusing only on what you don’t want.
  42. Allowing yourself to have / Feeling you don’t deserve to have.

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