How You can Become Powerful

How many times have you given away your power to others in order to maintain peace in relationships? There are mothers who become powerless over rowdy children. Employers feel powerless seeing revolting employees. Wives may feel powerless when they see their husband straying and citizens feel powerless when faced with a corrupt administration. So how can you cultivate power? To do this, let us explore Power and what it means.

What is Your Power?

Know that your power lies in what you give and what you contribute to the world. This can become your power over the world. So a mother’s power lies in what she does for her family. The power of an apple tree lies in the apples it produces. The cow’s power lies in the milk she gives. A singer’s power lies in the songs she has sung. A manager’s power lies in his skills and how he chooses to use them.

Power has some traits:

It makes you independent.

In power, you honour your own opinions but you also honour the opinions of others and don’t get affected by them.

You have the power to confront others, the power to stand apart as different and most importantly, the power to say “no”.

You are dependable and responsible for the things you do.

You are disciplined.

How to develop Power

Know that power cannot be cultivated. Power is innate in everyone but it has to be realised. The more you connect with yourself, the more you will connect to the source of your power.

Realise that every person is born with a unique talent and trait. You are the only one who has it and when realise and develop it, you will be like honey attracting the bees. Power tends to make you internalised and therefore, it won’ work if there is co-dependency. Know that you will lose power if you allow others to depend on you or you become dependent on someone.

Your centre of Personal Power lies in the Manipur Chakra, at the point behind the navel.

To know more about the Power Chakra, watch this workshop:

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