What stops a person from using his full potential?

Every person is born with a unique identity and it is this identity through which he experiences his higher self. This identity resides in the Swadhisthana Chakra which is ruled by the Moon. This Chakra is the Chakra of union where you attract a suitable union with a person or a situation which will teach you the lessons you have to learn in order to shed away the cloud of ignorance and realize your higher self.

Swadhisthana is a chakra of the union. It is the Seat of the identity where all lessons are learned through the attraction of suitable lessons through people and situations. It can be the union of a husband-wife, mother-child, employer and employee, teacher and student, brother and sister or you with a stranger. Unions expose your deepest fears or your hidden innate traits and talents. Every union triggers something. It is either exposure of your incompetency or bringing forth of the warrior within you that lifts a veil from your unconscious. Then either you move ahead and face or sit back with fear and dislike. To know who are you, you need to realize and release who you are not. This is the process of spiritual evolution.

It is “beliefs/fears” within us that makes Universe send us “Tests” or challenges so that in the process of handling the test, we learn how to release the fear. So if feel

• We cannot defend ourselves, Universe sends us enemies
• We are not good enough. The universe sends us people/situations that pull us down
• We cannot accept. The universe sends us unimaginable situations that we cannot accept but cannot escape from also.
• We are not supported. Universe removes our support so that we learn to stand.
• We cannot forgive. The universe sends us love that betrays us.
• We cannot express. The universe sends us difficult situations in which we need to speak out to resolve them.

This is the chakra that makes us realise our full potential. But this is also the chakra that is the seat of emotions. When you encounter a situation which you call adverse or negative you define it with emotions and you get stuck up with these emotions. You start feeling negative, not worthy, taken advantage of, unlucky, fearful or undeserving. You develop mistrust, jealously or hatred for the world. These emotions travel via the water element in this chakra to the different body chakras and blocks them. Emotions cloud intelligence and stop you from learning. The solution for a person to live his full potential is to learn to manage his emotions so that he can face all situations with innate wisdom, power and creativity. Each challenge when handled from a state of calm will remove the cloud from his consciousness to reveal more of his inner being and allow the light of Supreme Creator to reflect through him.

To know how to manage your emotions, watch this video on “Manage Your Emotions”:

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