Targets and Goals: The Illusory Finishing Line

Today most people seem to be running towards achieving targets and goals. It is almost as if in a Hurdle Race, instead of leaping over the barriers, the runners are going around them in a rush to outdo each other to prove that they are better or faster or more knowledgeable. In the quest of reaching the target or the finishing line, they are missing out on the very main purpose of the race and the hurdles they were presented with. In the end, either the target is not achieved or even if it is achieved, it does not give the satisfaction it was assumed it will .

The solution is to give up making goals and targets. The present moment holds within it all the learning and lessons you have learnt, and also those that you must learn to reach your destination. The solution is to ground yourself in the present moment.

Foremost, accept with surrender, whatever challenge you are facing right now. Stop blaming yourself and accusing others. In this moment, everything is perfect and complete. Settle in the Now and look at the unfavourable situation with complete acceptance. Every challenge has a solution in your domain.

Face what is coming to you with the Lessons of the Chakras:

• Lessons of Muladhara Chakra: You need to stop procrastinating or else learn to delegate work by making working systems.

• Lessons of Swadhistana Chakra: You need to remove the low self-esteem and connect to your abundant creativity to find a solution.

• Lessons of Manipura Chakra: You need to give up the sense of dependency on others and find your own power.

• Lessons of Anahata Chakra: You need to trust a person or situation to develop as per your desires.

• Lessons of Vishuddha Chakra: You need to develop your communication skills to understand and be understood.

• Lessons of Ajna Chakra: You need to change your rigid perceptions about people and situations and accept things and people for what they are, and not how you define them.

• Lessons of Crown Chakra: You need to have faith that everything will work out fine, and learn to have gratitude for what is already fine and working for you.

Align with full awareness to the present moment and that will take you to your true aspirations.

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