What is the reason behind the blind mass-following of God-Men?

Why the mass following of the so called God-men happens is because they appear larger than life. They seem to show unlimited abundance and show themselves having all the happiness, thrill, excitement, love and power at their command which is elusive to most people. No rule or regulation seems to bind them and they seem to be writing how the world should run. Because of all these traits of the seemingly unbridled power in them, they attain so much luminescence that their followers get blinded by the created aura and get fatally attracted to them just like a moth to a flame.

Blinded with adulation, they forget their own self and lose their sense of judgement and discretion. They start believing in everything that their Idol does and says. So much so that they personalize any adversity or obstacle that their Idol might face in way of his unstoppable power. So any adversary of their Idol becomes their own personal adversary and any obstacle in his path becomes their obstacle. This makes them develop intolerance to anything that could make their Idol look lesser than he is. All this leads to mad frenzy and blind following which seeks to curb down any and every opposition to their created larger than life image of their Idol.

In the Chakra language, it is almost as if the Manipura Chakra of the followers gets hooked on to their Idol’s Manipura Chakra out of dependency. They go into the illusion that they will get something precious out of that person. Or else mere emulation of that God-man will make them go higher up in life.

It becomes a dangerous circle where God-man actually becomes more powerful fed by the blind adulation of so many followers, and that attracts more followers. And his following keeps on increasing till the truth of life dawns and shatters the illusion. And this truth is that every mortal soul is bound by Universal Laws and life will seek to align each and every person to the right path.

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