Can we dream of a world where only positivity exists?

There are two emotions that polarize the world. One is Love and the other is Fear. Fear has many faces like anger, frustration, jealousy, revenge, greed, bigotry, and selfishness to name a few. Fear therefore holds within its grip, all the darkness and negativity. Love on the other hand, is boundless compassion with no boundaries and no limitations. It encompasses in its warm embrace all positivity. Love is our true nature. It manifests in different forms, which are the Lessons of the Chakras.

• Love is visible as nurturing in the Muladhara Chakra.
• Love is displayed as creativity in the Swadisthana Chakra.
• Love is shown as power in the Manipur Chakra.
• Love reveals as compassion in the Anahata Chakra
• Love demonstrates as expression in the Vishuddha Chakra
• Love appears as acceptance in the Ajna Chakra
• Love unveils as contentment in the Sahasrara Chakra.

To be able to perceive and realize all these forms of Love, one has to fight the nemesis of Love, and that is Fear.
• We become aware of nurturance after fighting instability and lack of support.
• We find creativity after fighting low self-esteem and learning to defend ourselves from people who take advantage of us.
• We discover power after fighting the notion of dependency on others.
• We realize compassion after fighting hate.
• We become aware of our expression after fighting our low self-confidence and the pattern of making comparisons with others.
• We find acceptance only after rising above personal definitions.
• We learn contentment only after aligning ourselves to our divine, spiritual and universal nature.

In your own world, you can dream of only positivity existing, only after you learn all the lessons of the Chakras, and align to your true nature. Then, whatever situation you face will only invoke one of your natural forms, all of which are manifestations of Love.

The day enlightenment dawns on you, everything you see will be aligned to the Universal intention of Self-realization. In the aura of that realization, you will see that everything in this world is Poornam or complete or positive for the intention of self-realization. You will also realize that there is no such thing as fear. Fear does not have an existence. It is only absence of Love. In other words, it is either positivity or absence of positivity or consciousness and absence of consciousness.

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